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need excerise routines to get a firm hard butt?

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    do a lot of walking swimming,and leg movements and when washing up sqeeze it hard over and over again,lolit feels good too hehe.

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    I do squats with very light or no weights on my shoulders and leg lifts.

    For leg lifts, I get on all fours and lift one leg at a time back & upward for as long as I can take it. It feels good for a while then gets really tiring, so be prepared for a sore rear end the next day! Do this 4 or 5 times a week, then everyday when you want faster results. Good luck!

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    Lunges, every (good) female fencer has a great but.

    Lots of running, to get the "track-booty" (nicely stated by my roommate)

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    Squats with weight bar over your shoulders.

    Helps with killer legs too.

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    go out and do some exercise, instead of sitting in front of the computer! lol

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    Source(s): Dats what I do 5 times a week
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