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Is ACER laptop the cheapest one out in the market (in india).. is it reliable and durable??

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    Man, DO NOT DO IT :) I have just returned my Acer laptop after 6 months under warranty. .... malfunctioned keyboard (some keys not working), DVD-rom reading original CDs with error, the USB made my flash not work anymore, the door for PCMCIA broke after its tenth using, etc... SH*TTY hardware! The same is with Asus, but there mainly other things suck ... hardware/software issues running on CPU

    Just before unpacking, the shop assistant asked me which brand I am returning to them... and then he said "no, no do'nt tell me the brand... may I guess? .. is it acer? I swear they are going to be bankrupt after so many claims we have had here."

    DO NOT BUY CRAP, otherwise, you're going to be upset after some months of usage

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    I have no idea what is the cheapest or best. I hope you do understand that on average a laptop is only good for two to three years and then they begin to have all kinds of problems. This applies to all of them. Yes I know some do last much longer than that but also some never make it to year one. They cost quite a bit more than desk tops for the same set up. Unless you really need one then think about it.

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    Acer is a respectable adequate variety and comparatively very solid fee for funds. while you're variety concious carry on with the Dells and Sonys if no longer Asus or Acer. they're able to do the job. the comparable would possibly no longer persist with to refurbished or 2nd hand laptops.

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    if you want advice ill tell you to buy a IBM T60 It costs 1900-3800$ (it depends on the features).

    it comes with Windows XP Proffesional which is vary good( international warranty) ACER is the worst company i have ever seen i have got 2 IBM T60

    try the lenevo website.

    Source(s): I HAVE 2
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  • 1 decade ago

    yaa its gud

    if u use it properly

    otherwise acer is really gud

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes Dear very much....

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