timing chain 1991 bmw 318ic?

i cant get the timing right. the first time i tryed i did not turn by hand all valves bent or broke.got same head off another 1991 bmw 318ic can anyone help on how to do it correct?lost timing marks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    hi - i'm a bmw tech. you'll need special tools, crank pin, cam blocks. 1st you need to get crank set at #1. we do this by inserting crank pin into flywheel located just under the starter. then cams need to be set at #1. turn each cam so the first lobe is facing upwards. this will be enough to install head onto the block. once installed you will need the cam blocks to set the timing. they fit on the rear of the cams. once in place install chain. then tighten gears. and you will be good. if you don't set the timing with blocks it will run rough. if your good you can do it with your eye. then take to the dealer and have them set.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Take car to a mechanic who specializes in BMWs. Something is not being aligned properly.

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