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when it comes to non muslims embracing Islam, could you please make note of this.....?

Islamic belief is that all children are born innocent and are considered to be muslim.

All children are born Muslim even if a child is born in a hindu family for example.When that child reached an age of understanding whats right and wrong, he has entered the hindu faith with his family.

If you embraced Islam (excepted that god is one and Mohammed is his true and final messenger) , you are NOT a "convert".

The proper term to use is "revert" because you reverted back into Islam.

welcome back !!


TO CHETAS DAS - Mohamed yusuf was Christian and not hindu.

Update 2:

TO VALENTINO - yes i have heard Dr. Zakir Naiks lectures - a very learned man

Update 3:

to STAND UP PHILOSIFER - Mohamed can't be a false prophet if over 900 000 000 people follow his teachings - and the number of people embracing Islam is increasing all the time

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    u know yousuf yohana-a cricketer of pakistan was a hindu.he is now mohammed yousuf and he has also grown a beard.

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    This is a True Belief.

    This is an Islamic Belief.

    Yousuf Youhanna was a Christian, Not a Hindu. But, then he reverted back to Islam.

    Have u heard lectures of Dr. Zakir Naik?

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    I dont know where the question is in your statement but you must also point out that the "born-Muslim syndrome" does not make Muslims who are so because they were born of Muslim parents any better that the Hindu who is seeking Truth.

    Too many "born-Muslims" think thet are superior to those who Allah has guided to Islam when they have never taken shahadah on their own and think their parents have made them holy and chosen of Allah when they are actually the most strayed of Muslims.

    To revert is to go back and going to Islam is forward and it is an insult to call a Muslim a revert or convert or new Muslim as if in some kind of religious apartheid.

    I am a Muslim born of Christrian parents and I am a Muslim and dont call me revert or convert or new muslim as a nick name for Allah has prohibited the use of nicknames.

    Source(s): Quran
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    Walaikum Salam: of course you may. Allah is maximum Forgiving, and maximum Merciful. in case you seek for repentence from Him with sincerity Allah will maximum particularly forgive. Pray and consider the Q'uran. additionally, i be responsive to that marrying a non-Muslim better half is forbidden in Islam, yet once you ought to transform him to Islam, this is advantageous. If he refuses, then i'm sorry, yet you ought to leave him and locate the two a Muslim guy or somebody prepared to transform. in the journey that your husband particularly loves you, he will gladly convert to stay with you, in'shallah. might Allah instruction manual you :)

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    that makes sense from a Christian point of view. just change the word "muslim" out with the word "sinner", and replace "true and final messenger' with "false prophet". the changed around words mean the same thing.

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    nice try, fool. It doesn't matter what some lunatic said 600 years ago, Besides, Mohammed also said to kill all those children along with their parents because they were infidel, so make up your damned mind.

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    revert,convert, it's only a religions interpretation.your religion says this and another's religion says something else.

    believe what you want and leave others to follow their own beliefs.

    for myself i believe that all religious people are wacko and especially that religion that believes their god wants them to slaughter innocent people. you know which one i mean.

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    I think that is crazy no one is born with beleave you learn them normaly from your perants

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    This is your own belief, not islamic belief

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    mohomed was a nut case


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