Anyone know of good Indianapolis IN hotels that are around 40 - 50 bucks??

Hi, just seeing if anyone on here knew of some good hotels in Indianapolis. I'm going to Family Values Tour on the 10th of September, and I don't know the area well enough. So anyones input on some good hotels with pools please let me know :)

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    try the one in plainfield there are about 4 or 5 there they all have pools and it only about 10 Min's from Indy good luck

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    Indy might be one the few towns where you could get an ok hotel for that price. But as far as a GOOD hotel, no probably not. Hotels just dont get into that price range anymore unless they are somewhat seedy.

    There are a ton of budget type hotels in Indy. Check near the airport or just off interstates, often thats where you will get the best prices. My guess is that you might be able to find a clean motel such a comfort inn, days inn or the like for around 50. But dont expect much more then just a place to sleep. To get a good hotel you are looking at a minimun of around 80 or so.

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    You won't get anything downtown in that price range--- well, you might, but you don't want to be there and you certainly don't want to use any pool they might have.

    If you are looking at downtown, you are looking double that price.

    Outside the immediate downtown, you should be able to find a Day's Inn or Holiday Inn Express for about $60-$70 per night.

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    $40 or $50 bucks?? You looking to get stabbed? Stay at a nice place like a Courtyard or something.

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    Interesting question

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    There are many motel 6 that aren't too bad.

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    I dont but if you are ever in Liverpool, England then you can stay in my place. Might even charge you half price!

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    Thankyou everyone for answering.

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