which percent of cars burn in fire?

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    All cars burn when they are on fire. What exactly are you wanting to know? how many burn to the ground?-- none-- the metal frame will always survive the fire. How many cars are totaled due to fire? The #'s are unknown as cars burn or many reasons-- Arson, mechanical defect, it is blown up, etc....

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    You've been watching too much movies.

    Even if your car is fully loaded with gas, there is a very small possiblity that it will burn in case of an accident.

    I used to cover the police beat as a journalist and believe me, i have seen more than my rightful share of total wrecks. The good news is, not one of the cars i saw got burned although a few leaked gas.

    Strangely enough, i've seen three buses burn due to faulty wiring. And all buses in my country use diesel!

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    fords burn all the time ave 60%burn right down

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    All of it.

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