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am having problems with my inlaws whenever their brother tries to do something for me they come and?

quarrel with me with a reason for me to get bored & end the relationship,or they organise a rumour about me tell their brother all that for him to be conviced and end the relationship with me.the good thing is that he don't he only listen to them and ask me if its true.but its getting worse as they don't give up.iam also fade up with this what should i do coz we love each other even though sometimes we always have a quarrel about this reasons of his sisters.the worst thing is its not one sister they are 7 only one boy.

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    Sisters tend to be overprotective of their brother, i understand what you are saying, because i WAS one of the sisters you are talking about,(i'v learned to let go). No one was good enough for my brother and i tryed to control his relationships, just as they are doing, i empathise with you, my only advice is if you live close to them, move some distance away, maybe they would not be in your business that much.I can only hope they come around like i did(get a life of their own) best of luck.

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    These r the ppl tat r too free hv ntg better to do than breaking up other! Lucky thing is tat yr hubby will "check:" with u b4 he "buy" their story, but tat nt the way to solve this "pro". U shld talk to yr hubby n make him understand wat they r trying to do n noe how u feel abt it...Gd luck to u!

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