HIGH shoool people help me plzzzzzzzzzz?

hey everyone im angel...im 17 yrs old i go to high school....and i got my classes for next years which is 11 grade..i got all my classes but expect the garde is the same...im worrried sick...i mean if i faild would i have new classes,, because if i faild nd im in 10 grade again wont they would give me my old classes...i got all my next years classes but my garde is 10 again....can someoone help me..im soo sad crying i dont no wht to do...thank you very me please help me


please help me...im so worrid...i mean if i was left back wont they send me a letter saying u got left back...if i did how come i have my junior classes !! help me please

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    don't worry, i was in the same boat as you are right now, 2 years ago, actually. I was depressed and didn't know what to do, but it turned out I graduated just right on time according to my plan. i flunked 10th grade,too, and i never expected it, you will have the new classes, as a normal 11th grader will, even if on the report card it says you are in 10th grade, it does not matter! trust me! the only difference is that you will have to repeat one or two classes that you didn't get credit for when you went for the last time. you will be only one or two classes behind. so I'm sure if you do just fine in school, even if you only get C on an average, you will graduate in time. trust me, everything is gonna be just fine. next year, you will be a 12th grader.

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    The only advice i give you is to concentrate in class - do your homework and assignments - study hard for exams and dont waste your time in useless stuff

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    itz ok angel..........chill.........dont worry...........all i can say is pray hard...it helps alot. trust me.

    once i had a friend, a very sweet kind natured girl, but never used to study....god knows y.....but u know wat? after our exams, she got soooooooooo tensed, she was sure to flunk in math...she cried atlot...n wat not!!! she used to call me up at 12 in the morning n cry.....n i told her to keep the faith..she prayed day n night.......n guess wat?!! she passed...33!!! n 33 was the passing mark.......look at gods miracles....

    see....angel.....if god send us down to earth.....that is becoz he knows we r imp to the world.......n so...he will not let us down....he will find a way or another........

    but that does not mean u can enjoy n leave everything to god.........pray hard n u have to learn a lesson.......study hard this time or u will face the same situation again!!!!

    no pain without gain!!!!

    that friend of mine who never study atleast 1/4th as me is now ina better situation than me!!!

    we'll all pray for u!!!

    keep smilin n pray

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    Why are you worried about this now?

    YOU should be WORRIED that YOU don't KNOW HOW TO SPELL!!!

    MAYBE that is WHY you are BACK in the 10th GRADE AGAIN!

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