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how can i get money from internet and how ?

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    Hi 99,

    Actually there are a lot of bastards out there on the Internet who claim that they can provide you with money, just for browsing, etc... Simply DO NOT BELIEVE them. All of those offers are just to rip you off. Known rip-off cathegories are as follows:

    - emails from Nigeria claiming to send you money from a heritage, or asking to sell and send them your notebook while offering a good deal, and communicating directly to you on a regular basis. They are bastards and finally it turns out that it will be you who will have to send them money

    - banners/"money-making" programs/clients/webpages - all of them are to fool you, and actually those are all spyware, viruses, etc... even asking for your credit card number... and actually making you bankrupt

    - smart a**es telling you you can make money just by rewriting texts ... actually all of those offers are just for fools who want to lose money... they will send you a package with some texts and products, and you will have to rewrite them and send to other people/sell them to other people, but actually no intelligent person will accept that kind of "bombastic offer"

    - controversial Amway, and other rip-offs

    Just think!

    Hope this helped a little bit.

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    Wow, speaking about a million-dollar question :) But as anything else in the world, not easy to answer. It doesn't mean that it's impossible though.

    IMHO, in line with the Internet spirit, Simple Idea is always the most effective.

    Have you heard about the 'million dollar page' ? That guy is a millioner now, in six months.

    Or, another example, the 'Red Paper Clip site', this guy 'was' trying to 'trade' one red paper clip with a house. Guess what, he's got a house :)

    Today is the era of Web 2.0, where simple ideas can make bucks. Open your imagination, read the Blogosphere regularly, listend to the Podcasts. You might find something. And when you do find one, don't just sit on it, DO it !

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    Depends on what you want to do and how seriuos you are about making it work for you. I have done pretty good with promoting .ws website domains. This service also allows you a website, hosting and up to 10 email accounts for $10.00 a month. Here is the cool thing you can join for 7 days free to see if it works for you and you only need to invest 7 minutes of your time watching a video to get started.

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    Do internet business you will get money.

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    Well about 3-4 years ago there were website that would pay you for many reason. surfing, using a toolbar on your computer and many more. But they are long gonna now, I dont believe is a way now.

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    You can make money via the net with cyberblowjobs

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    Post a question here on Yahoo answers like:

    Will anybody send me money ????

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    Use Surfjunky.... Sign up here...

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    Learn to hack credit card accounts and checking/savings accounts

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    there is no money tree any where


    nothing repeat NOTHING is free in the world

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