If gay people are born that way...?

Ok, so for a long time now gay people have been saying they were born that way. Although for a lot longer time people have been saying it's a perversion.

I've heard child molestors (NAMBLA) and such types of people talk about how they were also born that way. They can't help being attracted to young children. I've read confessions on the internet of people saying: they never understood why they couldn't find love. What was wrong with them. It was that they were born attracted to little children. So they now say that they can't help it they are born that way.

How long until adult-child sex is accepted?

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    In order to justify a perverse lifestyle, people have been looking for ways in which to excuse their behavior. Is a thief born a thief, a murderer born a murderer? No, they make choices, granted there are people that have mental disorders that may affect their behavior, but by and large it is a choice they make, end of story.

    By the way, I have know gays who have "become" hetero, how could they do that? They are out there, but you don't hear about them because it doesn't fit the gay agenda.

  • RDDL
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    1 decade ago

    Two adults consensually doing what they want to do without hurting anyone is a far cry from the activities of a adult engaging in sex acts with a child. Children are not little adults and treating them as sexually mature adults is just the fantasy of a paedophile and some lawyers and social workers. I have read enough reports to know that these people are not in touch with reality. One claimed that the six month old girl he had buggered and caused injuries requiring seven stitches to repair claimed she was flirting with him. One loony tune claimed that the boy he sodomized had smiled at him. This would have been difficult as he had strangled the boy at least twelve hours earlier. Yes these people are born this way. I believe that but so are homicidal psychopaths and we don't allow them to go hunting without comment. Of course if the socially correct win out who knows what will be legal, what am I saying only fools obey all the laws. The nouveau intelligensia disobey those laws they don't like and complain to the heavens when someone tries to get them to conform to unjust laws. There are two lesbians I know and like who were campaigning for for shiaria law until I pointed out that under that law the only punishment for them was stoning.

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    Wether they are born that way or not is NOT the main issue.

    You are comapring gays and pedophiles. Gays means having sex with another consentant adult of the same sex. Pedophiles want to have sex with people who are not yet mature enough to make such a choice. It's different.

    Born that way or not? Probably both. Some probably are, some probably became "perverted". Stuff that happens to you when you are young can have a nefast effect on your sexuality.

    Now, if you are asking because you think your MAY be gay, I have no answer that could help you. I am not gay myself.

    A society that accepts adult-child sex is one that will not last much longer. When morals get corrupted, it's the end....

  • undir
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    I don't think our society will ever accept adult-child sex, for obvious reasons. A child is not a consenting adult, it's a child. Children may neither understand fully what's going on nor be in position to deny to be a part of it because the adult has power over them. It is very harmful for the child to be molested. It's rape!

    I don't see why gays having sex with other adult, consenting gays shouldn't be accepted. Noone is being harmed.

    Those are two very different things.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you can't compare someone's sexuality to a perversion of some sort? Men molest their own children and other young children

    (male or female). There is no comparing a mental disorder with someone's sexuality of what gender they are attracted to. Obviously when someone says "they couldn't find love" they are having some type of obstacle....now what does that have to do with someone's sexuality. Gay people don't seem to have an obstacle with anything about their sexuality besides the social reasons. One cannot find love in a f*cking kid and obviously that's not what they're looking for if they're molesting one. THEY ARE SICK

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    OK let's say I was born a bank robber, or a murderer, or a rapist. Does that mean everyone else just has to accept me as I am and let me "do what comes natural" without saying or doing anything?

    It is POSSIBLE a person is born with a predisposition to act or be a certain way. This goes beyond sexual preference. For instance, some people are predisposed to become alcoholics. Some are predisposed to become artists or whatever else. But it takes decisions and conscious acts for them to move from being predisposed to be something to actually becoming that something. You may have gay thoughts, but until you act on them you're only thinking about it.

    If people are born gay, why do people who have been happily married end up divorcing and turning to a gay lifestyle?

    If people are born gay, why do people who experimented with a gay lifestyle decide it's not for them, turn to heterosexual, and settle down to a "normal" life (I put that in qoutes to prevent people from calling me prejudiced or whatever).

    Studies, which recently have been questioned for probably being too generous, indicate that at best about 8% of the population is gay. Other studies suggest it's closer to 3 or 4%. This does not mean we should turn our backs on gays or mistreat them. But they don't deserve special treatment either. Take marriage. Gays are claiming discrimination because they cannot get married to one another. BUT THEY HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS OF MARRIAGE ANYONE ELSE DOES ALREADY! Think about this: I am an unmarried guy. I can marry any unmarried woman who will have me. I cannot marry another guy. Every unmarried woman I know can marry any unmarried guy who will have them but they cannot marry another woman. Same with gays. Any gay unmarried guy can marry any unmarried woman who will have them, JUST LIKE THE REST OF US UNMARRIED GUYS. Any unmarried gay woman can marry any unmarried man who will have them, JUST LIKE ALL OTHER UNMARRIED WOMEN. Will someone please explain to me how on earth gays think they are victims of discrimination WHEN THEY HAVE EXACTLY THE SAME RIGHTS, AND EXACTLY THE SAME LIMITATIONS, WITH REGARDS TO MARRIAGE AS ANYONE ELSE DOES?

    I'm new here, I need friends. ADD ME. I'll add you. Oh, and you have the best answer now, pick it.

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    Some people are born gay/bi, some other people are straight but choose to live a gay lifestyle usually for sexist reasons against the opposite sex. Some Gay/bi choose to live straight lifesyle out of fear or cowardice. I'm sure the same applies to the child molesters. They weren't always attratced solely to children. When they were 10 years old themselves, they weren't attracted to 3 year olds, they were attracted most likely to kids their age, slightly older, or slightly younger.

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    I fail to see your connection between 2 adults loving each other and some perverse taking advantage of innocent children and molesting them. Some things are just not ok and hurting people is one of them. If that is what you are drawn to do you need to seek help in the same way you need help for other problems.

    Homosexuality can in no way be correlated with pedophilia.

  • strite
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    4 years ago

    Human sexuality is desperate at beginning, in basic terms as that's with different animals. in actuality, bisexual and gay habit has been documented in extra effective than 450 animal species international. The e book organic and organic Exuberance is a huge compilation of this examine. There are in basic terms as many gays and lesbians now as there ever have been earlier -- approximately 10% of the ordinary inhabitants. it fairly is genuine everywhere interior the international. the only distinction is how open all human beings is able to be approximately their sexuality. of course, in international places the place homosexuality is illegitimate, gay custom is pushed underground.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They are not born that way! That is the propaganda, they know if they can convince the general population that they were born that way then they will be accepted more readily than they would if everyone truly realized that they choose to be butt piratets or Child molesters. Ultimately you have to decide for yourself.

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