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Serious answers please, its about a medical career of controversy?

I have a 1981 chevy ambulance. I also have a passion for helping people and have finally finished restoring this ambulance. I would like to know if it would be possible to start an abortion service sort of like how an ice cream man delivers ice cream. I would like to perhaps be able to go to your front door discreetly without shame and perform the abort for less than half the regular cost of going to a clinic. I don't want to just wing it with a coathanger, but perform it as humanely and safely as possible. My friend jokingly said I should blast lynard skynard over the loadspeaker like a renegade ice cream man but I am not about gimmicks. Do I need a medical license to do this?

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    read his Q&A hes full of shyt!!

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    yes you certainly do need a medical license. Abortion is not like getting a tatto!!! Ther are many dangerous and deadly complications that can arise and cause you to need a fully staffed emergency intervention to not kill the mother by accident as well as the unborn child. Abortion is a grisly job, and I doonot beleive it is the right choice for most women, but I do beleive women have the right to choose. That is why it is important to keep it legal so women donnot have to risk death when already faced with a horrible decision. Also you sound like you have compasssion for a women in this kind of trouble, maybe you could get a counselors liscence and make visits to counsel these women early in their pregnancies and tell them they have more than abortion as a choice, however you might want to become an advocate and be of service by taking them to a clinic where it is done legally and offering support when they donnot have any. My last suggestion is the only one you could practice without a medical degree, counselor certification, however you may still need a bussiness license. In closing I will say that it would be a good thing if women could just slip by and get this thing done, but it is proven over and again that it is no small choice. Stay out of jail donnot try any home-abortion...use your ambulance for transporting sick animals, but not humans without a license......hope your smart enough to listen when I tell you how illegal it will be with out proper licensing and proper set-up for a surgical procedure...about 20years to life would be my guess-registered nurse-melissa

    Source(s): legal and ethical issues national board of nursing, 18 years working with women and children...the law!!
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    It is impossible to think that your ? is serious . You got to be jocking you want to help people

    and yet you want to put them in danger

    what do you want , for women to pay you to kill them

    too many things involve in abortion

    before you start this service of yours

    think what will you do if a woman die in your chevy drop it in some neighborhood or go to the police

    think about that !!!!!

    by the way what were you smocking when you come up with that idea

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    Abortion service?? Ouch!!!!! Geee......perhaps it would be better if you start an emergency crew EMT's do...(Emergency Medical Technicians)

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    you should be locked up for just asking this question. If you want a medical career go to college

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    lol nice trolling.

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