I need a clue to solve a problem: how could it be that my p2p Hub is redirected to another automatically?

Ocasionally i have an opensource p2p Hub with UB's Big *** Bot v2.27 RC4... But from yesterday all users that are trying to connect to its service name (eg. glace.no-ip.info) are redirected to another hub (eg trance.no-ip.info).

Still, they can connect to my hub by my ip. And local hublist shows only my hub with its "old" name.

I'm puzzled ... Can anyone one give a tip of what's hapening and how it is done?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Are you doing anything illigal on your hub ? if so, it most likely your ISP who have been given a court injunction and/or are in the progress of tracing the people who are using your hub........

    Or maybe you have just messed something up ....

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