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'95 Dodge - auto tranny - rattling when going uphill and rpm's lower?

As described, it seems when I'm going at a reasonable rate, 30+, mostly uphill, and it presumably at a time when it needs to downshift, it seems to rattle. Rattle as in like rattlesnake rattle, except metallic sounding. Also in a previous question, I mentioned it stalls a second sometimes when putting it in reverse and seems to jar when it kicks in, the same also happens on the highway once in a while and it's very unnerving, the jarring when going up in gear. It's got about 150k miles on it. Had no problems out of it except what seems to be the tranny. Thanks.


Might I add, it doesn't seem to matter the speed, because it stops at times like after it shifts it seems or when I'm running on a flat surface where it doesn't have to shift. Someone told me it could be something about the tranny but I'd just like to know so if it's something I can attempt or done professionally.

Update 2:

It's a truck. Ok, let me redo it again. If I drive on a flat surface, it's in high gear, and I mash the gas more, it seems to stop after it shifts and I let off the gas some. My old Chevy Silverado used to do the same but I sold it before finding out the problem.

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    Check the drive shaft and the u-joints

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    I in basic terms asked a query approximately my ninety 3 evade truck, that's an automated 4x4 besides. It hesitates somewhat going into opposite too, if that facilitates. it would desire to be a quirk of the gadget, yet do no longer quote me. Mine has a gentle leak, purely a seal. The extra i've got pushed it, the extra helpful the tranny is getting, smoother, etc.

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    You didn't say whether it was a car or a truck but I'm kinda leaning towards either a torque converter problem or CV joints if front wheel drive.

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    Check your u joints , top up your fluid level and tighten the bands

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  • Anonymous
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    It sounds like the "U" joints

  • 1 decade ago

    dude trade in your beater

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    buy a ford

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