how do i play the guitar "by ear" and how can i train my ear to be capable to do so?

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    I think these guys are wrong. My advice is to practice chords constantly. Play around with chord changes. Write songs- even if they only have 2 chords in them. If you spend a lot of time with your guitar, you can develop an ability to hear what chords are in a song. When I was writing songs, I could "see" my fingers on the strings even though I didn't know what the name of the chord was. When I played the chord I "saw", it was the right one for the melody I was hearing.

    My ex was an accomplished guitarist and he played songs by ear all the time. He got that good by playing every day for years.

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    A common mistake in learning an instrument is to get involved in a lot of unpleasant rituals like scales and music theory. The way the brain works best is by going deep, vs. wide. In other words, narrow your focus to one song. What song really rocks your world, and you'd give anything to play it note by note? That's your song, and that's the key.

    As you learn the song, the first step is saturation bombing. Play it until you have every molecule of the music firmly imprinted on your brain. The next step is the discovery process, where you begin to duplicate the sounds you are hearing. Now you might want to download chord charts to the song, not as a rudimentary exercise routine, but as a valuable key to open the treasure chest.

    Chances are, if you picked a popular tune, there will be tons of valuable tools on the net for you to gather information from. You may want to look at some simple music theory sites at this point to augment your research project. Just remember to keep it specific to this task (the song) and you'll always be infused with boundless energy. You may take an interest in specific guitars, amps, or effects pedals to achieve particular sounds that you are hearing. Let the song take you to school!

    Now, once you have the song down, you will have made an amazing discovery. The key to all music is through the careful study of one piece of music. You will be able to easily transfer all your new-found skills to any music you care to learn by ear from this point forward. There is probably a great scientific explanation why this method is much more effective than generalized learning of music skills, but for now, it doesn't matter. Just believe me when I tell you that it works.

    My ear is unsurpassed in any musical situation I have ever been in, and this is the reason. Train that ear to focus like a laser, and count on being in high demand throughout your career.

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    This probably isn't what you want to hear, but you'll need to learn some music theory. I don't mean learning how to read music, but more like grasping the mathematics of music. It sounds more difficult than it is - you just need a good teacher. I can hardly read a note of music but can pretty much play anything I want, mostly due to understanding music theory, not because I'm particularly talented. Your ear will develop the more you use it. After awhile (maybe quite a while), you start being able to play songs the first time you try them, and you almost can't explain how you do it. It becomes second nature. Good luck - the guitar is a little difficult when you're first starting but pays dividends for the rest of your life.

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    You're only born with. You got it, or you don't - that simple. Sorry. you can still learn to play, though. Either way takes a lot of hard work. Hang in there!

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