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A Simple Economic Equation?

If 20 Million NON-Taxpaying ILLEGAL ALIENS

Are Removed From A Society

That Is Supported By 300 Million Taxpaying Consumers

Will That Economy Collapse ??

Will The Nation Fall Apart

When 20 Million ILLEGAL ALIENS Are Deported ??



More Than 1/2


Arrived Since Bush Took Office In 2000

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    As always, you make perfect sense, JD. No, the economy will NOT collapse if all of the illegal immigrants were removed from our society! In fact, our nation will be all the stronger because the major drain on our social services will be removed and because wages will naturally rise to what they would be without the illegal immigrants and therefore more American citizens will be able to do the jobs at fair wages. Our economy will be stronger because more taxpaying citizens will be working and spending their earnings IN the USA! Costs of food will NOT go up measurably as the illegals and their supporters like to claim. Some companies may go out of business but if they were only able to stay in business by having a slave labor pool, then they were only artificially in business, to begin with, and do not deserve to continue to stay in business.

    JD, keep the facts and figures and truth coming!! Some here will NEVER get it, but I do believe that 300 million have a lot more say than 20 million and their few supporters! The election is coming and that is when the 300 million can wield their power!

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    I understand that about a third or less do pay taxes, although that doesn't say how many deductions they take. Also, poor people take out in services more than they pay in taxes so the rest of us cover their costs.

    No, the economy would not collapse, however there would be some economic dislocation, as in any industry where a number of current employees walk off of a job.

    On the other hand we would save a ton of money in the very services that matter most, such as education and health care.

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    They need to be taken back across the border. If they want to be here they need to do it legally. I have no problems with anyone that wants to immigrate legally and pay taxes. Our nation will not fall apart it will be stronger.

    I needed to add some things. It would be hard at first. Prices of certain things would go up. I believe that would be off set in the future by lowering the cost of social programs.

    And raising minimum wage. I live here in Houston and illegal aliens are getting paid more than $6.25 an hour. Closer to $8.00-10.00 now factor in NO TAXES.

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    its only estimated that theres 11-15 million illegals. and not every single american does their taxes. maybe it wont collapse but it wouldnt be a stable economy, because after sending all illegals back to their home countries the goverment would have to raise minnimum wage by atleast $1.50 because i dont think any hard working american would want to work at 6.25. also they would have to give more beneffits. and that could take a long a55 time!!! prices will raise, getting a house would b harder, labor will cost more. etc etc

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    How could the Economy collapse? They are draining the system dry. I say to these illegals "don't let the door hit you in your @SS"

    When they do have money they are sending it back to Mexico.

    No this nation will never all apart.

  • The Math is-we save in the long run if Illegals are deported.

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    The economy will not only NOT collpase, but we would actually have MORE money going back into our economy instead of being sent to MEXICO!!!!!!

    We would also save BILLIONS of dollars on welfare spent on the illegals, that could then go to help our OWN poor and handicapped people!!!

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    They pay taxes! They never get them back!

    And someone is getting rich, and it sure and hell aren't the illegals!

    Tell the Right wingers to stop breaking the law and hiring them!

    AP) A Texas employment agency was sentenced to five years of probation for hiring illegal immigrants to work at the nation's top producer of military battlefield rations, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

    The Tollin Group was also fined $20,000 and ordered to pay $414,000 in civil penalties Wednesday. It has been barred from Department of Defense contracts for three years.

    The San Antonio-based company, which does business as Remedy Intelligent Staffing, pleaded guilty in January to hiring illegal immigrants and trying to cover it up by falsifying employment eligibility forms. The workers were hired for Wornick Co., which makes MREs _ or "meals ready-to-eat."

    The investigation was initiated in February 2003 after an al-Qaida operative was arrested with information pointing to McAllen and Wornick as terrorist targets. Wornick had been awarded a $47 million contract to produce more than 1.1 million MREs for U.S. forces in Iraq.

    The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force ran background checks on Wornick employees and found hundreds of temporary employees with fraudulent documentation.

    No direct link to terrorism was found.

    Where is your equation now?

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    well your write,

    we will not go i nthe red anymore if we deleted the viruses of our world. we will just become more civilized, something we havnt been able to do since they came over here complaining about there lives, or lives and everyone around them because they got it so damn bad (laughs)

    if they only lived they actually lives we do and follow rulles then they could talk about how bad they got it till then they need to go home!!!!

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