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when you gett hurt how do you know when ............?

youve lost too much blood and you need to get help

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    When you start to feel really woozy. But if you were bleeding bad enough to lose too much blood, you should have gone to the doc when you noticed you couldn't get the blood to stop gushing.

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    If you have to ask that question....

    For heaven's sake see a doctor before you bleed and pass out. Any time there's a lot of blood, see a doctor.

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    WELL IF IT LOOKS LIKE HEAPS GO TO THE DOCTORS OR EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT! i wouldnt waste time in case you lost to must and passed out...

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    Get to an emergency room.

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    when you faint , after which you wont be able to ask for help. Check out !

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    When you feel dizzy and seems like having a blackout

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