Now what do you people think about India? only Non-inidians(Asian-indian) pls.?

India's economy is booming. Indians are everywhere in all over the worlds in software fields (including about 20% in microsoft, 10% in IBM, 5% in NASA, etc).

Eventhough india don't have very big software companies like microsoft, IBM, yahoo, google, india also has big companies like Infosys, wipro, etc and there are about thousands of software companies are there in inida.

The economy of India is the fourth largest in the world as measured by (PPP), with a GDP of US $3.63 trillion. India is the second fastest growing major economy in the world, with a GDP growth rate of 9.1% as of the first quarter of 2006.(source:

Rank Country GDP (PPP)

— World 60,710,000

1 United States 12,360,000

— European Union 12,180,000

2 People's Republic of China 8,859,000

3 Japan 4,018,000

4 India 3,611,00 (source:

India has biggest atomic bombs.( source:

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    i respect the indian people so much , i'm from asutria, and and i came to india once, and it was so nice, people are so nice, but i didn't like one thing, india is one of the most fast growing economies in the world, and they still stop for a cow to let it cross the street, and they drink it's urine ! thats is just disgusting, and when some people in india are starving to death, cows play in the streets ! so i think that india should cut down the stupid tradition of "cows"

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    Well cow is respected by hindus. Not every indian does it. Moslems and christians in India eat beef. For hindus it is divine figure. What i agree with you is to try stop cows going on roads. No one now a days drink cows urine. It might have been done in the past. If anyone does now it is their personal choice. Dont you see people drinking their own urine all over the world.

    What I do not agree with one of the answers is that we do not have to stop practising our customs to appease others.

    We need to work hard to reduce poverty, corruption. One thing you do not understand is India suffered very badly for nealy 800 years in the hands of foreigners. first Persians for nearly 600 years, but at least they amalgamated into the culture of India and respected local traditions and made India their home.

    Second Westerners like dutch, french, portugese and british. British ruled India for 200 years and during that time they did so many things more bad than good. They looted India systematically and that is the reason for India to become from one of the richest in the world to one of the poorest in the world.They taught corruption to the people of India, and in 59 years of Independence the seeds of bad qualities which were sown by British flourished into great trees.

    To understand the mindset of the people of any culture, you need to live with them for a while only if they want to understand it , as a tourist it is not possible to understand it.

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