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Do you think it's annoying when people say how "smart" people are just because they attend an "ivy league"

college? Aren't there several different types of intelligences in the world, and not just the kind that can get good grades and test scores?

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    One may attend an "ivy league" college and still be useless in the "real" world. Common sense is another type of intelligence that is often as useful as "book" sense. It is rare to find a person who has both common sense and "book" sense. The two just seem to not go together very often.

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    Yes! Particularly since most of the people I know who go to Ivy League schools aren't even particularly smart. They fill a good half their class with legacy and sports kids, and beyond that they're looking for a certain type of cookie-cutter kid, who may or may not actually be smart. Perfectionism and intelligence are not the same thing. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of really smart people who go to Ivy League schools. But there are also plenty of really smart people who don't go to Ivy League schools, and plenty of not-so-smart people who do (case in point being the president of the United States of America).

    I go to Reed College, which happens to be where Steve Jobs dropped out of. So I like to point out that their graduates work for our drop-outs.

  • Getting in to an Ivy league college is hard,and expensive. But that doesn't mean as much as it used to .After all George W. is Ivy league.........there are many demanding jobs that take as much if not more intelligence than paper -pushers. The skilled trades such as pluming,electrocution ,and carpentry call for a good deal of intelligence and a depth of knowledge that those who walk the halls of the academic institutions can't match.

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    Yes,Prime example is Bush.Who went to an Ivy League school and has the intelligence of a fly.

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    Yes, I find it annoying. I know tons of ppl who just went to "regular" colleges and are extremely smart. I also know ppl who didn't really go to school but have an extensive knowledge. There are 9 types of intelligence - being a good gardener is being intelligent which makes sense cuz not everyone is good at it.

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    Intellectual accuity is hoped for, not required, for attending an Ivy League school. Major plus side to it is that you get the connections required to "make it" after graduation, And the boasting previledges of having gone to an Ivy League School.

    No hateration here.

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    it can be ,but the truth is... the opportunity to gain knowledge in a structured setting such as and ivy league college is a privilege,not something to gloat about.sure it may take a certain amount of knowledge and intelect to attend these colleges but if you don't have the wisdom to utilize the knowledge and intelect,you're not that smart.regardless of what school you go to.there are a lot of smart people who never even finished high school. a lot of them are wealthy,so you are right there are different types of intelect in the world.

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    Yes. And it's even worse when they attended non-Ivies like JHU, Georgetown and UVA... great universities, but nothing to have a superiority complex over (no school is). I went to a school that some of my friends looked down upon (UMD) and I make more than they... plus I graduated debt-free whereas they'll probably be paying off their student loans 'til they're retired.

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    It's annoying, if anything it means they are not stupid. I do know smart people who went to Ivy schools but I know many more that didn't. Going to a good school doesn't make you smart. People are smart or stupid to begin with.

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    I know too many people with Master's degrees who cannot spell or think outside their little box to bother being annoyed at those in process. There are more fulfilling ways to learn to jump through hoops.

    Einstein, impressive.

    I am unimpressed by the majority. ; )

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