When i sneeze i feel like i am going to black out.?

Is this common?

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    Sounds like you might have vasovagal syncope. Sometimes when people strain, for instance during a bowel movement, or when you have intense pain, your autonomic nervous system gets overstimulated and hyperactive...the end result is decreased heart rate and blood pressure, and less blood flow to your brain. That's why you feel like fainting. "sue f" is talking about a totally different condition called orthostatic hypotentsion, when you feel like you are going to pass out after standing up.


    "Vasovagal syncope is caused by an exaggerated response of the normal autonomic system on the cardiovascular system. It commonly occurs in normal people of all ages. Precipitating factors include alcohol consumption, fatigue, pain, hunger, and prolonged standing. It can also be triggered by situations causing anxiety, such as having blood drawn, as well as by hot or crowded situations.

    The initial responses appear to be venous pooling and increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system. This causes the heart to contract forcefully while relatively empty, triggering ventricular mechanoreceptors and vagal nerve fibers. This reduces sympathetic activity and stimulates parasympathetic activity, resulting in bradycardia and vasodilation, followed by fainting. This mechanism is probably not the only explanation, as some inciting factors, such as hunger or anxiety, do not involve venous pooling. Patients with non-innervated transplanted hearts also exhibit episodes resembling those of vasovagal syncope.

    The prognosis is usually good, although prolonged hypotension or asystole may cause damage. In addition, if syncope occurs without warning, injury may occur as a result of falling. Vasovagal syncope is often recurrent and may require treatment."

    if you want more info on vasovagal syncope, click on the link.

    Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasovagal_syncope and i'm a registered nurse.
  • Sue F
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    I have heard of this happening before to a small number of people, but I think that I would get it checked out. You could be having some spikes in your blood pressure, or you could be having a temporary loss of consciousness; which is the vasovagel syncope that someone else mentioned, but did not elaborate on. Even if I have had to sneeze in what I would call a severe fashion, with multiple sneezes (I have allergies,) I have gotten a bit lightheaded, but not to the point that I think I am going to black out. The vasovagel syncope is quite common, and many older people can suffer from falls and injuries due to it, so you may want to be checked out by a doctor. Good luck, and have a good night!

  • Anonymous
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    I find that it depends on how hard you sneeze....everyone sneezes differently and if you sneeze really hard you could have that feeling....I miyself sneeze hard and I always get a head rush from it and sometimes I get pain in someparts of my body kind of like a had pulled something but it goes away quickly....so I would say that for you that is normal....

  • 5 years ago

    It is thought that the split second you sneeze your soul is in peril and leaves your body and is for that tiny amount of time in jeopardy, so saying bless you is supposed to keep you safe.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That could be a sign of high blood pressure. Go see a doctor.

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    1 decade ago

    no go to a doctor or yr snezzeing to hard

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