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what does he really feel??

i like this guy, i guess he likes me too but im shy so i guess he doesnt know i like him. he's tried to talk to me a couple of time but i either too shy to talk or walked away( it sucks!). this morning, we were in class, he just came up in front of me and gave out his hand to shake hands with me. i thought it was weird , he was still waiting and i gave him my hand finally after abt 30 seconds of hestiating( god, his hand was so warm, that's the moment of my life!!!). our teacher saw that, she was joking like" she doesn't trust you" and he was like "yea..i don't know why" then she asked him to come back to his seat and he did. after that, we still havent talked or anything. how does he really feel and what is he thinking?

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    he thinks he might like you, but he can't know for sure

    obviously, you have for him at least some attraction; else, he wouldn't be making the effort

    bottom line: you won't really know what you think about each other until you talk it out and get to know each other a little better (through conversation)

    i agree with the others that you definitely need to show *some* interest (don't fawn over him) -- loss of interest is a real possibility, but be wary: he may be a player

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    He wants to know more of you or he wouldn't have offered his hand. The fact it was his hand may show that he understands your shyness and is making a common gesture to show he cares. The best way to overcome shyness is not to overthink a situation. Just talk on the whim. Like, "hey, how are you doing?", What's up?". or "What did you think of class today?" - Open ended questions will get him to talk about himself, class, the day, sports, etc. Just sit back and watch. Guys like talking about themselves more than girls.

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    Well first of all u seem to really like him.....n the way he seems to be acting he seems to like you too. So why don't u talk to him and see. You can know how he feels only if u take a chance in getting to know him a bit. You cant know what he feels or thinks if u keep running away u know...... so get to know him and then u might be able to figure out what he feels...good luck!!!1

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  • Snifer
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    He is not man enough invite him for coffee or go play a sport or watch it with him,befreind one of his pals its worth if ur real dieing for him make the move sweet thing

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    What r u waiting for?

    He likes u as u do, so what is the problem?

    If ur emmotion is strong enough, u will forget about shy!

  • i think he knows you are shy that's why he put out his hand now snap out out of it and talk to him before he thinks that you don't like him and it will be over so go for it good luck to you hope it works for you

  • Annie
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    that is one rare young man.... he must know how shy you are and is taking it slow and easy..... 10 points for him !! just give him a little smile, just to let him know you are interested.... try to talk to him next time, even it is just a smile and a small hello..... then the next time say hello and ask how he is.... take ur time and get to know him...... good luck and God bless

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    He made a very obvious introduction, now follow it up. If you're not going to respond to his advances, he'll lose interest. So, if you like him, prove it!

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    i totaly agree with ANNIE , talk back to him dont forec yourself to do more than what you can but dont let him feel rejected

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