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Have you ever participated in an online language exchange?

I have no connection with anyone doing it but just want to say that I had a great time learning Portuguese with my friend Diones from Brazilia whom I met through My Language Exchange. If interested you can easily find it by doing a search.

Now I am trying to learn Italian since it is easy since I am fluent in French and Spanish and German since I am from Swiss-German and English descent.


I am happy to get some fine responses. I am from St. Louis and after starting out in engineering at Duke, I ended up majoring in French and teaching languages, math, computers, etc. when I never wanted to be a teacher.

So life gives us some funny surprises. (I speak many languages and write poetry.)

Update 2:

I would call Portuguese nasalized Spanish. In Puerto Rico where I live now, the Spanish is more nasal than most.

Speaking French makes Portuguese easier for me since French has many strong nasal sounds.

Update 3:

If a person knows French and Spanish, Italian seems easy. Any l language takes work but also if you know English, German and Russian seem fairly easy compared to Arabic or Chinese or an African language. BTW, I learned Sango, the language of the Central African Republic when I worked there in the US Peace Corps.

Update 4:

I had to become a gold member so that I could contact people and had to contact many people because some young people said that they only wanted to go with people their age.

The idea is that if you know English you can help others with English. The only problem I see is that teaching skills are also useful.

Just ask a kid how to play a Play Station game. Usually, most adults can't follow the explanation since the kid will leave out too much basic info.

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    I am learning Norwegian from very nice people. They are always there to answer any stupid question I might have, even if I have asked it more than once. They correct my texts and explain vocabulary nuances. I think it is the best way to help learning a language.

    My language exchange has the problem that you must become a golden member to be able to contact with others. PhraseBase is better for that. Nothing charged. And the fora are really helpful. Of course I am an active member of PhraseBase. and there is where I've found the kindest eople on the net.

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    Did you grow up in England? In Switzerland Italian would normally come before Spanish. Personally, it's the pronunciation that defeats me with Portuguese. Reading it isn't a big problem. Viel Gluck!

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    I tried My Language Exchange, but I never got any replies because I didn't have much to offer in the way of languages...

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    yes i'm italian and i try to learn english but it isnt so simply.

    italian is so different! dont think that it's so faster.

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    no i havent

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