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how to stop thinking?

i think too much about everything.sometimes i cant go to sleep because my brain wont shut off wat can i do??

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    Your brain has been taught to think since you were born. The constant flood of racing thought is called "inner dialogue". It is very common in the west and can disturb your inner peace.

    Have you ever noticed that many Asians are serene and peaceful from within?

    I am from Thailand, where meditation, the science of inner access is widely accepted.

    Meditation, when done properly, is a state of "non thought". With much practice, the mind is trained to cease it's inner dialogue entirely. It is a wonderful thing and the benefits go far beyond inner peace.

    Meditation must be learned and practiced. You probably will not succeed right away. I have known westerners to stuggle with it.

    If you are diligent, it will soon become very rewarding. To most, it is addicting. You cannot wait to get home to meditate.

    In the beginning, your mind is racing and difficult to stop. That is okay. It is doing what it was trained to do. It must be retrained. I can enter a meditative state in a few seconds, but my mind has been condtioned to it.

    Do not believe certain people who say you must have dreams, visions, or see colors. They are full of sh*t.

    Most of the time, you will only see the inside of your own eyelids, and you might start thinking, "this isn't working".

    Stick with it. There are links to websites about simple meditation at my own site , along with some of my own ideas on the subject. Please take a quick look at "Ancient Wisdom 1 & 2 at the site.

    There is a wise saying in the east, "For knowledge, learn something every day. For wisdom, forget something every day."

    An ancient Persion proverb says, "Seek truth in meditation, not in moldy books. Look to the sky for the moon, not in the pond."

    Good Luck



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    i do that sometimes. in fact, there are times when i wake up early in the morning like 2am and suddenly a certain topic just goes into my mind and would just wonder about it. usually it boils down to emotional problems, expecially the unresolved ones. what i can advice to you is to probably just stop thinking. give your brain a moment of tranquil. dont think about anything, and then just close your eyes and feel comfy.

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    simply,stop take a deep breath .think about a subject/hobby that gives you a pleasant feeling .if you can't visualise it thats okay just explore the feeling/emotion.continue thinking about your breathing,go back to your pleasant feeling .be aware of relief and relax(fall)into it.takes ten minutes.most people don't know you've been doing as often as you like.this was taught to me by a psychologist for stress relief(similar reasons) IT WORKS!!!!

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    looks like i'm experiencing the same thing as you... i think so much at night that sometimes i only get a few hours of sleep. sometimes i just keep thinking 'sleep' in my mind then i'll fall asleep. if not i'll hold on to my sis hand (who sleeps next to me) then suprisingly i stop thinking all the crap. if it doesn't work i'll juz wait until my mind is tired, sooner or later i'll fall asleep.

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    I know the feeling. Try some background, easy music and read a boring book.

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    A piercing bullet through your brain will do the trick.

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    start by learning how to do different breathing exercises. different ways i]of breathing triggers different reactions in the body, you want to trigger relaxation. sorta like meditation

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    omg I have the same problem ! try counting , it works for me

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    time for 'self-destruct'

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