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謝謝~ 感激不禁



Your responses indicate a strong predilection to drinking, in fact you\'re probably bombed right now. Get a grip, you dope, put down the bottle and switch to heroin. Studies show it\'s better for you in the long-run. Return to the clinic immediately for a high-colonic and don\'t come back till you\'re straight. People who answer as you did are usually paint-sniffers or Republicans.

Long-Term Prognosis:

Despite your condition and its behavioral limitations, remember you can always find work as a drug-dealer or prositute if you really try. Chances are you\'re a Libra, like most hopeless souls. (That doesn\'t really mean anything, but we just figured we\'d mention it.) Strangely enough, you don\'t hate your mother and father, but you do hate your grandmother and grandfather. Who knows what in the world that means.


Diagnostic Overview:

Your responses indicate that you\'re seriously demented, and a definite danger to yourself and others. You ought to be in lockup, in solitary confinement because of your sick ideas and mental problems. One of your biggest problems is that you don\'t think there\'s anything wrong with you. People who answer as you did make a habit of not wearing underwear.

Long-Term Prognosis:

You will need intensive psychological care for the rest of your life because of the factors described above. Stay away from other people if at all possible; just use the internet. Don\'t go outdoors or you\'re doomed. You are deeply scared of anything dangerous, violent, or threatening, which actually makes perfect sense, now that we think about it.

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    第一篇,,你的回應為了喝酒表明一種強烈的偏愛,實際上你或許被現下轟炸。 得到緊握,你給使用激勵器,放下這個瓶子並且轉向海洛因。 研究顯示這在長期裡更有益于你。 為一高結腸立即返回門診部並且直到你直才回來。 當你做的回答的人們通常是油漆嗅探者或者共和黨人。 長期的預測︰ 儘管你的狀態和它的行為的限制,記得如果你真的試驗,你總是能發現工作為一位毒品交易者或者prositute。 機會是你是天秤座,象非常沒用的靈魂一樣。 (那其實不意味著任何東西,但是我們剛剛估計我們將提及它.) 足夠奇怪,你不憎惡你的母親和父親,但是你確實憎惡你的祖母和祖父。 誰知道到底那表示什麼。 第二篇,,診斷概述︰ 你的回應表明你嚴重瘋狂,以及給你自己和其它人的一個明確的危險。 你應該在鎖過程中,因為你的有病的想法和精神問題在單獨禁閉過程中。 你的一個最大的問題是你不認為沒有與你的錯誤的東西。 回答的人們作為你確實使不穿內衣成為習慣。 長期的預測︰ 因為如上所述的原素,你在你有生之年將需要集中的心理小心。 適合候選的人,如果有此事離開其他人; 請使用網際網路。 不要在戶外去否則你注定。 你非常懼怕危險,激烈的任何事情,或者威脅,這實際上有完美意義, 既然我們考慮它。

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