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Who else hates when a boyfriend hangs up without saying bye?

Pretty much am I just seeing if I am the only one who gets mad at this type of thing. Like just hanging up and not saying bye. I feel it is like the period at the end of a sentence or the "THE END" at the end of the book. Even if it isnt done in an argument and everything is decent or ok I just feel like I had been left hanging without the "bye" at the end. Especially when I wanted to say something sweet that that time.


He doesnt do it regularly. But when he does it bothers me.

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    Nobody here should be complaining. I've gone thorugh this. I hung up when my gf said goodbye because I didn't want to hear her say it. It hurt so bad when I heard her say goodbye because it would feel like that would be the last time to hear her.

    I can understand your bf, but if he's just being a prick, don't dump him, talk it over.


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  • Yeah, that's pretty rude and aloof. I spend at least five minutes saying sweet words to my girlfriend. Why? Not because it's expected of me, it's because I have genuine feelings for her and want to express that to her before we part. I'd be really hurt if I was getting ready to say a sweet something and she just hung up...and I'd be pretty peeved if she made a habit of it.

    I hope you're not to attached to the guy, cause it sounds like he's not giving you what you need emotionally or even giving it any consideration. If he's like that with other things, I'd send him packing if I were you. It could be worse, you could be married to him.

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    he doesnt say goodbye?? something has to be said at the end no matter what whether it's an "i love you" or a simple "goodbye". hes not a nice guy obviously or hes shy. get him to open up by being more open yourself.

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    That is so annoying and really rude.There are alot of great guys out there who will respect you and treat you the way you should be treated. Dont sell yourself short.The right one will come along.

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    ur bf should say goodbye =/ but sadly where idiots most of us atleast so yeah its normal its like when a guys girlfriend is like oh my dads here and jus walks of without even a goodbye

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    i realy hate that to. its like ur wastin ur time.i just moved to a difrent state away from my boy friend and i realy miss him and every time we get on the phone and where about to hang up ill tell him i miss him alot he will laf and he tells me back at ya its so heart breaking

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    Find a way of saying goodbye. Like me & my baby we talk to later baby, never goodbye becuase it seems so final!

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    teach him sum manners. i hate it wen people dony say bye. alot of my male friends dont say bye and i force them 2 . it pisses me off

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    Get a new boyfriend with manners.

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    i would hate that. i dont have a boy friend.

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