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In the catcher in the rye, how did Allie die? (his brother)?

whoever has read the catcher in the rye plz tell me how Allie died (his brother) and how that influenced him on his journey.

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    Holden's brother Allie died of leukemia and Holden feels this as a tremendous loss. His brother Allie wrote poetry on an old baseball glove and Holden cherishes this and speaks about it in great detail.

    Holden holds Allie and his little sister Phoebe in very high esteem because they are innocent. Holden's goal becomes to protect innocence in the world. When he hears the "Catcher in the Rye" song being sung by a little boy, he decides that he wants to be the person that keeps children from falling off a cliff. That cliff symbolizes the transition from childhood to adulthood, and he wants to keep them as innocent children, not phony adults.

    He decided to run away from home after he sneaks back into his home to see his little sister Phoebe but when she is disappointed with him for that he has been expelled from school he feels betrayed. He thought that she would always accept him no matter what. To him running away the only solution for his overwhelming problem.

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    He died of leukemia.

    The death of his brother fuels his desire to save children from growing up and becoming corrupt. Holden uses his brother as a model for innocence.

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    Read the book and draw your own conclusion.

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