How Should You Indulge Your Senses?

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    Here are the following ways i indulge my senses:

    - Drink coffee

    - Drink coffee with no sugar and eat sweet, expensive chocolates (truffles are the absolute best)

    - Race in the core of downtown (just to feel the adrenaline pump through my veins)

    - Run until i don't feel like running anymore (jogging is such a waste, running hardcore is what it's all about)

    - Kiss deeply

    - Love intensely (anything less than intense love is an absolute waste of time)

    - Go to the top of the highest cliffs and stand right near the edge (when there's one step holding you back from death, that's the absolute high)

    - Reading (it makes me feel intelligent and sometimes it just gives a rest to my senses or it just transports me to another world entirely)

    - Watch great movies like the Godfather, Goodfellas, The Transporter, The Matrix, Forest Gump, ect...

    - Dance in the rain

    - Cuddle when it's below 30 outside and the window is open and there's nothing but skin and warmth.

    - Hugging

    - Sleeping (it's a rest for all the indulging of my senses)

    If you want to know how one should indulge their senses...


    It's as simple as that but just as complicated.

    There is more to life than simply breathing.

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    Yes. Especially the sense of smell. I honestly think it is the strongest ! Some smells bring back such strong feelings! Like, for instance, I LOVE the smell of skunks! I'm pretty sure it's cuz when I was a kid I had a dog that I LOVED. He kept going out "hunting' and got sprayed several times. So He always smelled a little like skunk! Weird huh? To this day, if I see a dead skunk on the road, I run over it on purpose cuz I love the smell!

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    I really should indulge my senses, by laying on a private beach at sunrise, while getting a full body hot oil massage by someone half my age, while eating fresh ripe strawberries and drinking something exotic, and listening to some cool jazz or funky reggae.

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    for my ears...I indulge in live music. Anything from sitting in an intimate blues club tapping my foot to the rhythm of a soft snare drum to dancing on a crowded grassy field singing along at the top of my lungs. Music is always an indulgence for me.....without it I would feel empty. I also indulge in the sounds of nature. When nobody is around...and I am alone at night, I like to sit outside and listen to the sound of the bullfrogs in the lake... or the crickets in the trees....sometimes the "who - who" of an owl.

    for my would be a tie. I love to indulge in watching a summer sunrise. Seeing the various colors dawn brings and knowing still, there's hope. BUT...I also love to indulge in watching the Harvest moon rise in autumn. Wow! How big and bright...she swallows the sky and radiates with splender.... and every year I rub my hands together in an anticipation...knowing my eyes will be in for their annual treat.

    for my nose? the sweet and salty scent of a Hawaiian breeze. There is nothing quite as refreshing as the floral, fragrant aroma it delivers....with each breath I take. I so miss the islands and wish I could be there right now letting my nose inhale its greatest indulgence. do I indulge in touching? this one has me stumped for a minute. Besides the obvious *cough cough*, I love to indulge in touching the hair of my daughter as she falls asleep at night. This isn't a rare indulgence as it happens nightly. But still, there isn't a touch quite like it. I also adore indulging in the touch of a warm hand holding mine on a crisp winter's night.....and perhaps the touch of soft lips against mine...

    taste! of my favorites. I indulge in so many wonderful flavors I don't think there is nearly enough room for my answer. So, I will just name a few. I indulge in a nice bottle (or two) of good wine...and if accompanied by a delicious meal...even better! Followed by a decadent desert would be an added bonus. I also love the taste of those soft lips against mine... especially if they are flavored with a splash of sweetness and a hint of spice.

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    Higher Education

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    I like to have an Otter Pop. They are cool and sweet, and that indulges at least two of my senses.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I indulge in many things like..

    - eating at indian, korean, thai restaurants, and munching down on baklava dessert

    - pop in forza motorsports & do laps around laguna seca

    - just sitting in barnes n' noble

    - read graphic novels & watch movies

    - running is good too, to burn calories from previous 4 activites.

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    just last night a lady friend called me so we went up to to lake and found a secluded dark spot built a fire had some drinks went skinny dipping and come back and had sex by the water and the fire, my *** was dragging all day since not getting in till after four. to night I will indulge in the arms of Morpheus....good night

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    1 decade ago

    Meditating on a grassy hillside, miles from civilization. Hearing nothing but nature, allowing the calm surroundings to wash away the stress of everyday life.

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    Smoke a big fat joint, while getting some great oral from a woman wearing Ralph Lauren, after eating soul food chased by jagermeister and getting a foot massage.

    Wow! I'm tired already...

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