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Classic cafes in Cardiff?

I love old 1950s-70s cafes/diners with formica tables, bar stools and/or booths, leatherette seating, old signs and greasy food. Are there any places like this in Cardiff, and if so, where?

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    Don't go to the big American corporation crappy ones! I avoid them like the plague!!! They are overpriced and the food is naff.

    Go in the Arcades!!! In Castle Arcade (opposite the Castle) there is a lovely little traditional tea-room/cafe type place called Garlands. Yummy Cakes and not expensive. I have been going there for years.

    There is a nice little Cafe called Candles in David Morgan's Arcade (you can enter it from High Street or The Hayes). Very similar, nice little traditional cafe. There's also a Rombouts cafe in that Arcade, very 1920s!

    Wander around the town centre and go into any of the little Victorian Arcades. They are lovely and the cafes are very traditional! Please spend your money in independently run Welsh cafes, not some big stupid Yank corporation like TGIs or Hard Rock. Keep local business going in Wales! Please!!!

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    there isn't that many as cardiif is being redeveloped, and as I realy don't use the kind of places yoy want i wouldn't know where to look.

    but you could try up stairs in cardiff market ..front entrance in St Marys street..or the back entrance is in the Hayes.

    try the hard rock cafe...St Mary's street/cafe quarter, but around there there is a few more diners.

    it's possable you'd have to use a search engine to look for what you want..

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    Cardiff Market upstairs. You could also try Bentley's on Wellfield Road in Roath although I haven't been for a few years. I'm bet there's plenty outside the city centre.

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    RAMONES behind the university in town

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