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Does anyone know where I can find a Dachshund myspace background?

Thanks for your help!!! : )


I have already done a search and it is icons not backgrounds I can use. Thanks

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    google dachshund, then click images, once you find the one pic you like highlight it right click your mouse and go to save as! Or if you have your own use that!! Save it in a file you will be able to find quick & easy!! Must be Jpg.

    Then go to go to imageuploader in the side panel. Browse your files for the pic!! once you found it hit upload!! It will give you a direct link Highlight & copy the direct link. Paste it in notepad or somewhere you can find it again but don't close where you pasted it!! Back on towercodes go to Myspace generator in the side box once you are there scroll down to profile editor!! Click it!! Click on background options you will see something that says BACKGROUND IMAGE URL Paste the code that you copied in there then continue to set up ur page!! Hope it helps & is not too confusing!!

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    well search it somewhere on search engine but i have one website...

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