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what does PUNK mean ??

im a huge fan of the punk rock music

but i don't know what punk means exactly

help please

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    Punk rock is an anti-establishment rock music movement with origins in the United States and United Kingdom around 1974 or 1975, exemplified by bands such as the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, The Damned, and The Clash.

    The term punk is used to describe the associated subculture, involving youthful aggression, specific clothing styles, ideologies, and a DIY (do it yourself) attitude.

    If u need to know more then go to:

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    The exact thing is -

    1. youth movement: a youth movement of the late 1970s, characterized by loud aggressive rock music, confrontational attitudes, body piercing, and unconventional hairstyles, makeup, and clothing

    2. somebody belonging to punk movement: a member of the punk movement

    3. music - punk rock u know what is that.

    4. dried wood: dried or decayed wood used as tinder (archaic)


    1. not feeling good: feeling bad, depressed, or ill

    2. no good: inferior in quality or condition (informal)

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    1. Slang

    a. A young person, especially a member of a rebellious counterculture group.

    b. An inexperienced young man.

    2. Music

    a. Punk rock.

    b. A punk rocker.


    a. Slang A young man who is the sexual partner of an older man.

    b. Archaic A prostitute.

    Source(s): do you really want to go around calling yourself a word that means you have an older male sexual partner. or even calling yourself inexperienced?
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    its a fashion, its a music, ITS A MENTALITY. the inability to remain under someone elses control for very long at all. or to let anyone else to tell you what to think. i rock out to the music, and i take every opportunity to rebel against authority. i jsut don't like the mohawk ****. but exactly, if i got a mohawk, then i wouldn't be punk anymore, i would be TRENDY. if i was part of a large punk movement, i would be TRENDY. its basically about behing who you are and not letting anyone tell you what to think or do. fight if you have to, or perfer not to. and if you want to listen to punk rock, good bands to listen to are: green day, rise against, and Sum 41. those all vie for my favorite in my head, but they all have distinctly differant sounds.

    Source(s): realizing what punk is and listenting to it. don't pick the people who copy off wikipedia as your best answer!
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    PUNK = People Under New Knowledge

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    This is when you are on the receiving end of a practical joke from Ashton Kutscher. He will jump out and yell YOURE PUNKED in your face. It's humiliating.

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    It means Rocking out on stage and to dress how you want to dress even if you are different and an outsider to the rest of the world. Emotional writing in the lyrics.

    Example: Green Day

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    The term punk is used to describe the associated subculture, involving youthful aggression, specific clothing styles, ideologies, and a DIY (do it yourself) attitude.

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    first off greenday are not punk. greenday are pop-rock. annyway a punk is in looks someone who typically wears red and black tartan trousers, braces, converses, a mowhawk/mowheakan or some other hairstyle that isnt "normal" in bright colors. um as for how they act, kind of hard, not one to be messed with. thats all i can say really

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    I'll go with the answer the Guitar Player gave

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