Should USA be expelled from United Nations Security Council, to reduce its misuse and help world peace?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    As usual Americans showing their unprecedented stupidity.

    UN is organization meant to keep peace in Earth ans as such needed to world.

    Of course it need to be transformed.

    About America.BY its actions it shown that it does not deserve to be in a security council.

    And to those stupid that say that America will take all oil reserves.

    You have use to robe and take.You take all the land from Indians and make unprecedented genocide but try to do that on global scale and you will see what will you get back in return.

  • 1 decade ago

    A good question for discussion. Ok, the USA is expelled from the United Nations Security Council, then what? Who would you choose to replace USA....Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea!

    Why is it that the USA has to be the ones to always ensure that there is peace? There are more countries on this earth than the USA. Trade embargo against the USA, that would be great...then we would take over all the oil fields in the middle-east, control all the oil...and then what?

    What you really need to ask is: Why is the United Nations so incompetent?

    Why does the USA, England and Germany have to remind the U.N. about genocide in Sedan, how come the U.N. can't figure it out themselves??????

    The U.N. is a waste of money, real estate, and resources.

  • 1 decade ago

    You mean the same Security Council that was monitoring the Oil for Food program and had troops raping women in Africa...that Security Council? Rather than expelling the US from the Security Council, I think the world would be a better place if we expelled the Security Council from the UN. Even better yet, expel the UN from the US.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm affraid no, it shouldn't.

    The UN would then loose all strength. Like it or not- the US has the world biggest and most effective war machine the world has ever seen.

    The problem is terrorism and the Republican Party. Specifically the Bush problem. They mis-manage their economy and like to "use the toys" as Nixon once said.

    Consider that if the UNSecCon sanctions a surgical strike on a target- a B2 stealth bomber flying from a base in Nebraska can fly half way around the world- flatten a target- re-fuel and return to base over night!

    What other nation has that capability?

    The Iceman.

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  • Q-burt
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    1 decade ago

    I wish the United States would pull out of that sorry excuse for a peace keeping force. In it's time, the UN has caused just as much strife as it has relieved. Every time without U.S. presence. The Congo, Haiti, in Kosovo a palistinian UN soldier killed two american women and an American man, Used depleted uranium in Yugoslovia, and many more.

    The UN is nothing but a crime syndicate and the US tossed them to the side in 2003. I hope we do break away from them so we can all watch the UN crumble into a useless organization.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Since the USA has been providing most of the funding to the monument to hypocrisy which calls itself the UN, and since most of the Third World has been using it to spy on us, and to commit all sorts of crimes for which they use diplomatic immunity, it would be far better if the USA expels the UN.

    Stuart wrote this---(the only country who would ever win a war against them is Britain.(YES WE WOULD))----

    So Stuart, tell me what happened the last two times you tried?

    Seriously, the last thing the world needs is for us to go at each other. Despite our differences, we have made a pretty good team in two world wars.

    BTW Stuart---your name tells me that we may be clan relatives, so let us both cool it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Depending on the situation.

    The United State only acted stupid when dealing with Israel. Other situations the United State had played a leading role in the Security Council.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am an American and have to answer this question. HELL NO! Let me say this it was not just the USA that was attacked on 9-11. The people that died in the Twin Towers that ill gotten day where not just Americans. They were people from countries all over the world. These militant groups in the Middle East does not care what country you are from or nationality you are or what faith you follow. To them there is only Islam as they see it in their radically disturbed mind. They perceive Islam differently than the major majority of Muslims in the world. There is no religion I know of in the World that condones waging war on anybody that does not conform to their beliefs or faith. But theirs does. As far as they are concern their religion is the only one that should exist and the rest of the world should be forced to give up their beliefs and embrace theirs. Hell they are even killing their on people in the Middle East.

    Yes the USA is leading the war on these terrorists and by this I mean in numbers of soldiers, equipment, supplies and money spent in this war. A war I tell you whether you believe it or not is actually a World War. Don't believe me? Look at how many different countries they are operating in now and waging war in. It's not just in the Middle East anymore.

    I am an American, and am not the only one, that is tired of all the bellyaching and America bashing around the world. This time I want to gripe about some of you . I wish a lot of your countries would quit coming to us for so much foreign aid and to stop expecting so much from us in the way of that aid. I want alot of you countries that go the World Bank and take out these huge loans with no intentions of paying it back to quit. America is the largest contributer to this organization. A lot of our citizens are tired of being bled to death by having to forgive these loans(thefts). Also to the countries that think they should have a intrevenous line to America for a continuious flow of money I say find your own backbone and start paying your own way and depending on us so much. Then and only then will you have a right to bellyache and bash us. In other words don't come to us with your hand out and then spit on us.

    Now to address Stuart K. who is obviously from England.Two Hundred and 30 years ago we kicked the undsireables out of this country. We sent them packing back to England with their heads up their a**es. Oh and don't forget it was the same USA that came to yours and the rest of Europes rescue in World War II or you would be speaking German right now. Last but not least, it is the European Union that has been leading the way in the news media expressing the most concern about Iran. But when that showdown takes place it will be the USA that will in most liklyhood be there again putting forth the greatest effort as usual. It is of my opinion that the USA has the greatest and smartest Military in the World today and in a War situation as you speak of would most definately result in the same if not worse results for you as it did 230 years ago.

    One last thing in closing, nowhere in the history of the USA has any country ever attacked us on our soil that we did not have the balls to answer their attack with nothing but a surefire A**WHOOPING! AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO EVER!

  • 4 years ago

    not too sharp are you? even as became the most suitable time the UN despatched something yet human beings right into a afflicted section. Austin, this question is stupid sufficient that you'll call him an ***wipe and say China isn't contained in the U.N. extremely shows stupidity. it really is an enduring member of the safe practices Council. develop up, study and thrive.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Been listing to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his thoughts on the UN?

    The USA provides much of the support of the UN. It is already a organization than can hardly get anything done now. There may be an argument to allow more nations in, but excluding super power who provides most of the support would be silly

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