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What role should new Dad play as a father and husband? What are the important things to do?

I wanna be a daddy soon. But that's when I get a girlfirend and marry.

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    The first and most significant role you have is as a role model. The child sees you as the primary example of what it is to be a man. Not just to be male -- he can learn that from dogs and goats -- but what it is to be a man. So you will need to start NOW to control bad habits and give up entirely anything that threatens to be addicting. Anything. Anything that could distract you from the primary purpose of protecting and providing for your children and their mother. Such is the nature of a man.

    Because a real man has courage, and honor, and integrity, and a growing child can trust him to protect and provide for him or her. And to tell the kid the truth, and be honest, and honestly loving, so that the kid grows up knowing the heart of a good man. Boy or girl, it is so very, very important to know the heart of a good man. Your son will need to be one, and your daughter will need to love one.

    That's what you need, my friend, and blessings on you for wanting to understand; you need the heart of a good man. If you have that, the heart of a good woman will respond, and magic will do the rest. Oh, yes, my friend: love IS magic!

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    Sometimes i think people should have to apply for a license to become a parent,,,Most of us are products of our own parentage,,and this is where the problems come from,,,the strongest role models we have are our parents,,,for good or for bad,,have you ever heard the saying,,"The sins of the father will befall the son" ???

    It means we will most likely treat our own children similar to the way we where raised.

    Ok,,,,onto the positive side,,,at least you have the where withall to ask the right questions,,,

    The role of a Father is that of a guide,,,a friend,,,an ear to listen,,, a shoulder to cry upon,,, a glad smile to come home to,,,think of how strong a foundation of a building is,,and you have the Father figure,,all of which makes it possible for our children to build upon.

    And as a Husband,, the role is almost the same,,with the exception of a different kind of love,,and above all,,,,patience!!!

    You will get as many answers from people, as there are people you have asked these questions of.

    But as you are obviously unattached at the moment,,,,,,

    be observant of other familys, and how they interact,,,don't be afraid to ask questions,,,and build for yourself a picture of the father and husband you would like to be.

    Lastly,,,,,,,,,,,,,don't be in an all fired rush to get married,,,get some stability first.

    Good luck for the future. ;-)

    P.S. auntb93 sounds like a good source of advice,,she said it all best.

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    You need to be supportive, eat healthy before trying to conceive quite smoking and drinking (with her) talk to your partner about how you both want to raise the child ie discipline, schooling etc.Work out who will stay with the child, full time part-time. have a secure home and a great support network. Go to all appointments with your partner make her feel sexy while pregnant, understand her emotions are changing as the hormones play havoc with her body. make her life a little easier by doing a bit more. still take her out nice places, just cause she has a bump doesn't mean she doesn't want to be treated like a lady. Once the baby is born, get up to the child show an active role, cook and clean (she will be exhausted) offer the take the baby while she has a nice bath and sleeps. as a father you need to bond with your child. take the baby for walks with you talk to it sing to it, help feed it bath it. make sure that if your child needs or wants your attention give it to them undivided. once older make sure you work together to discipline your child and stick to what you say be firm but fair and most importantly show your emotions and be affectionate. Dads need hugs too. good luck I'm sure if you want it so much it will come naturally to you.

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    You should simply play the role of a father and loving husband. The most important things are to be understandig know that your wife just had a baby and that she needs you to be there, also know that you may have to pitch in and help out with things now.

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    Whoa! Don't rush things. Find your future wife and establish and strong relationship and a home first. Be supportive, caring and responsible. Children need love, support, security, and guidance. For the time being, you should work on improving yourself so that you can support your future wife and family. Find some stability in your life. Try to meet a woman who shares your same principles. Good Luck!

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    As a daddy: Get involved in all aspects of raising your child

    As a husband: Give 195% support to your wife, emotionally and physically. She was willing to sacrifice her life in giving birth to your child. For you to wake up in the middle of the night and help feed the abby and change nappies would really help!

    All the best mate!

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    ok for the hubby part 1st and foremost COMMUNICATION & TRUST are the keys to a happy marrige, help with the household chores, support her in any desion she makes, and let her know that you will be there for her matter what!

    and for the father part, be there for him/her, change the diapers, help feedings in the night and get your bonding time with the child as well. When you get home no matter how tired you are, play with them for AT LEAST 30 min. to let them know you will always make time for them. And one more thing don't be too hard on them when they do stuff they aren't supposed to like my dad always say....they are just kids!

    Hope this helps and I wish you a happy marrige and good luck with kids (trust me you will need it when terrible 2's and horrible 3's

    Source(s): married and mom of a 3yr old girl
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    Change diapers, feed the baby (assuming the baby is formula fed or the breastmilk is expressed and put into a bottle) including middle-of-the-night feedings, help your wife around the house (laundry, emptying waste baskets, cooking, etc.), basically do everything she does and don't grumble or complain about it. :)

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    Didnt really get the Q but i think you need to get a girlfriend first before you start thinking about being a dad.

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    be involved and get a girl friend first, then get married then have a child ... in these orders.

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