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I need some hosting help please?

When we design a page and an image is inserted in the page the image has to be in the same folder as the web page is for the browser to locate it. So does this also apply in web hosting, I mean does the image in the page I have designed also have to be uploaded to the same folder as the webpage is? And does the other pages also have to be in the same folder as the home page is ?


Can I just say how do I build a website(not a webpage) with an uploading based server without an oline site builder?

If you do have the answer please describe it as much detailed it can be.

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    I am not too sure about what you are trying to get at, but I assume you are asking about creating a website and uploading it to a webserver.

    To create your website you will need to create it using either handcoded html or a wysiwyg html editor.

    The home page of the website is called either index.htm (index.html) or default.htm (default.html). By default file with these name will be called when the website is accessed.

    All images are referenced to their location, normally you will save them in a folder and this is named 'images' eg. <img src="images/picture.jpg" /> . Notice source attribute contain the directory and image name.

    A webserver contains a certain folder that is used to contain all the files of a website that you want people to see. This folder is usually called 'public-html' or 'default' or 'public' or 'htdocs' there are a few variations depending on how the web hosting company has setup their servers.

    Upload all the files for your website into the public folder with the same structure as you have them on your local computer ie everything in the same folders.

    When you get a hosting account you will be given a password and username to access the account use this to get access to the folders on the webserver and use an FTP program to transfer your file (you can use Internet Explorer or even the hosting control panel may allow you to do this).

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    its a good idea to have all files in 1 folder, but i think u can still have other folders such as images.

    without site builder, have a folder in ure computer, then normally upload all files to public_html folder on server. or sumtimes without public_html folder.

    eg. < index.htm will show

    <page2.htm < index.htm

    /test / test.htm

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    it is not necessary to have both images and the files in the same can specify relative path in the <IMG> tag

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