who can I write to and complain about my craftman chain saw i tried craftman.com but that is to buy tools help

I bought a craftman chainsaw at sears last christmas for my husband and we tried to use it this summer but everytime we tried something went wrong and we had to take it back to be service and we feel that craftman should replace the chainsaw but the service center said that they won't so my husband and I need to write to the company and explain the problem and to inform them on how rude the manager of the service center was to us so if anyone know where i can write to let them know the problem i would appreicate it

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    1 decade ago
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    "Craftsman" is a private brand name of Sears.

    One may never know who manufactures their products. Some of their appliance manufacturers are known.

    If you have only dealt with the "service dept.", you are not dealing with someone who cares a helluva lot about anything except their paycheck.

    Carry the damned thing back to the Tool dept.

    Approach any person, any, who appears to be an employee. In tools or not.

    Stand back on your haunches and with the strongest voice you can muster, without screaming, very sternly, raise your arm with your watch exposed in that person's face, and in a normal voice, while looking at your watch, repeat after me.

    Speak slowly!

    "You have 4 minutes to get someone down

    here with 'Capacity'"! I do not want to speak

    to a junior executive. I do not want to speak to

    an assistant! I want to speak to some one

    with 'Capacity'".

    "You now have 3 1/2 minutes"!

    If that person stutters and stammers in any manner. Hold your watch out.

    "You now have 3 minutes."

    Source(s): 50 years retail. 35 bus. owner.
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    Well, I have to tell you, best of luck. You should be able to get an address from the manager of your local Sears store.

    I bought my mother a Craftsman rotary tool because she really wanted one for some small projects she was doing, and I thought they (the maker) would stand behind it. It broke within six months, but she'd only used it like 6 or 7 times in that period, and we tried almost everything. We tried contacting the company, and they told us to go back to Sears, and the people at Sears were pretty rude. We finally got someone from Sears to give us an address to write to, and their answer was basically that it was not their problem, and that we had probably abused it. Seeing as she used it almost exclusively to sand small things, like small details on wooden pieces, I don't know how she could have abused it. When all was said and done, and after a lot of arguments and letters and phone calls, they finally agreed to repair it, but at my cost. All together, between shipping costs both ways, insurance for the shipping, and repair costs, it would have cost more to have it fixed than it did to buy the stupid thing in the first place.

    We went and bought a Dremel instead, and we have had no problems with it.

    When I was a kid, Craftsman really stood behind their products, and the products were built well, and designed to last for a long time. I don't think that is the case anymore, and what's worse, they don't care about their customers. They just give you the run around, and then they agree to fix problems, but only if you pay an exorbitant amount of money. I really wish you the best, but I also suggest that next time you avoid that brand.

  • Carp
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    Take the chainsaw, the service records and your receipt to a sears store. Talk to a manager. Show him all the service it has needed. But if you have used the saw improperly and have not performed regular maintenance then don't expect much.

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    I use Sears.com often,,,not Craftsman.com.

    The site will offer click ons to get to service and parts, and techs, or someone to communicate with, regarding your particular product.

    Their data base is huge, and I've found things that work with items older than 10 years.

    Rev. Steven

    Hopefully you saved some part of the packaging or paperwork and will notice any disclaimers. Before Sears was owned by K mart,,,,a strange phenom in itself,,, I worked for them, and their claims at the time were lifetime replacements for hand tools,,,not power tools. To set about getting any action, you might have to go outside of Sears to any local consumer action group?

    Rev. Steven

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How about Sears stores- they produce this product

    Ask talk to managers, district managers, and/or vice presidents for actions

    Sears is high on customer service satisfaction

    Good Luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    You need to contact Sears corporate, that should be the best way to resolve your issue with them.

    "If at first you don't succeed at store level,

    Always proceed to the top!"

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