Should 9\11 be recognized as a national holiday?

This date is about to have it's 5 year anniversary, yet in the mind of all Americans, we remember that date vividly as if it was .......I won't say yesterday because it really stuck with us.

We are coming up on Labor Day weekend. Wouldn't it be more meaningful to acknowledge a day devoted to heroism, and patriotism in September? I understand Labor Day 50 years ago, but today, 9\11 means more!


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    no, we should always remember those who lost their lives, but no holiday,I think this is a special time for all of us, one we should never forget.

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    Did the attack on Pearl Harbor become a National Holiday?

    The United States has always paid a price for Freedom and that is what the War on Terrorism is about.

    We already have a National Holiday recognizing the sacrifices America has endured in the name of freedom and its called INDEPENDENCE DAY celebrated on the FOURTH OF JULY.

    9/11 will always be remembered as part of the price America had to pay for the very freedom we enjoy.

    America stands as a shining example that freedom

    works. Suppressed people everywhere (given the opportunity) will rise up and fight for independence.

    Dictators, extremists and the like feel that their very existence is threatened by our successes to the point that they have declared war on us... but we will prevail.

    May God Bless America and all other Freedom Loving Countries.


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    Wouldn't it be better to have every day of Tribute to honor the Heroism for This Tragedy, it's not like we are going to ever forget November 11th, but to have it as a National Holiday?

    Too many people mourned over their lost loved ones, and it fed Hatred between countries, NO, it should not be considered a Holiday.

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    I think so, it would help people remember it in future years. Many Americans fail to learn about our history except when they have to i.e. tests. It sad to think that if you asked people on the street "What event happened December 7, 1941?" Many of them would have no idea (the attacks on pearl harbor). It very sad that as Americans we can't remember a tragic event without a day off from work. Without an official day of remembrance, in 15-20 years, if you asked people on the street "What event happened on September 11, 2001?" Many of them would have no idea. I do think it should be a no work day, but as for school, many schools around the country usually do not start until after Sept. 11th.

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    Yes. Any normal human being with any sense of compassion is thinking about those people and how our country was attacked on that day anyway, so why not give official time to reflect and attend memorial services (especially for those of us in NYC and DC). How much work is done that day? Not much where I work - a federal building 5 blocks from the WTC.

    "The terrorists win" if we honor Americans who lost their lives by such senseless hate-filled act? Not if you live in the real world.

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    No, it should not be a National Holiday. The people who suffered that day have reminder enough. Not to mention, we don't need to give terrorists another target. Making 9/11 a National Holiday will only draw more attention to the already devastating terrorist activity.

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    Yes, I believe it should be made into a Federal/National holiday. This country has had to take holidays from all the other cultures just to have holidays, and NOW we have a reason to remember people and what happened and how they all worked together, how we all got busy, gave money, put up our flags, and really supported NYC, the Pentagon people, and those in Pennsylvania. I believe Patriots Day is a great idea for moral in this country.

    They are whacking us right and left over in Iraq. Then the Iran problem, the gas problem, the economy problem, the rising debt problem. We NEED to build up some moral among US.

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    No. We do not celebrate other occasions of mass deaths by taking a day off to hang out. Heroism and patriotism are associated with honor and achievement, not senseless death in a non-war. Veterans' Day is a sad example of a patriotic observance that is dwindling in importance in people's schedules. Let's beef up the ones we have - and also, it's very patriotic to VOTE, so put that on your calendar and do it.

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    We "celebrate" pearl harbor day. It isn't a day off, but we all hear about it. I think that 9/11 has already achieved that level, if not superceded, of recognition.

    How would you mark it on a calander though?

    9/11 on september 11TH

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    I think the 9/11 was just a huge distraction

    caused by the government to deter people from investigating area 51. Aliens were suppose to have landed that day according to The Cosmic Awareness Papers! They probably did come and many weren't noticing because of the other happening which I suspect was caused by the governments provoking. If Bush wasn't the president then It probably never would've happened!

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    No I don't agree. Do all those people who lost loved ones really want to relive the most horrible day so publicly? Ask yourself if you would want the day your mom or dad die to be made into such a selfish celebration?

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