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training puppies?

i just got a new puppy and is the cuteest little thing on earth. He is only 9 weeks and full of energey. At nights my family and I feel safe when he is sleeping inside his crate, instead of runing around the house or sleeping on our beds. unfortunetly he does not like being in his crate. All he is does is bark and cry and chew on his surroundings. Inside his cage I have made a comfy seting for him by placeing a huge pillow, blankets, toys, and treats. but he still does not seem happy to be there. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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    When i got my puppy, he was the same with his crate. as a puppy, they like company and dont like sleeping alone as they miss their brothers and sisters and are not used to sleeping by themselves. sometimes it doesn't matter whether the dog is in his crate or in another room, it will always cry and seem unhappy.

    you have to make sure the puppy knows that when it is time to sleep he goes into his crate. that the crate is HIS area and is HIS safe place. although it sounds like you are already doing that by making the crate comfy for him. my only advice is to assert your authority as 'top dog' and when you put your puppy to bed, no matter how much he cries or chews (as long as it's nothing harmful) you must ignore him. the reason he is crying is because he wants your attention, he knows that if he has your attention you might possibly let him out.

    yes, you might have to put up with his crying a few nights and you'll feel guilty about ignoring him, but in the end it is worth it as he will then know his place and in future when you put him to bed he will accept it and be happy.

    sometimes putting a ticking clock or/and a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel can help as it reminds him of lying against his mum with her heartbeat.

    i hope this helps you! good luck with your new puppy!

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    Don't react to his crying.As hard as it is ignore it. He'll soon learn that the crate is his safe den and will enjoy going there.He will learn that that is his bed. Always give him something special when you put him in his crate, something he doesn't get at any other time.

    Most puppies will cry for a few days.This is normal and to be expected.They have just gone through some major changes. Just make sure not to baby him or call attention to his crying in the crate.This will only serve to reward the behavior and either make it worse or prolong the training process.

    Source(s): vet tech 33 years, dog trainer 34 years
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    I have a dachshund and she is now a year. i imagine some dogs breeds are extra liable to being extra constructive at living house breaking, and some are thoroughly obdurate (like my little woman). I did repetition including her. It took her about 3 months to ultimately get the concept of "ok I even ought to flow to the lavatory on the puppy pad", and now she in no way has an coincidence. even even with the undeniable fact that some human beings say you could not enable your dogs to apply a puppy pad, and that you'll take them out on the grass. in any case, What I did with my puppy is about each 25-30 min (the first day) i'd placed her on the pad, with constrained area for her to flow round it and wait a pair minutes and enable her flow. If she had an coincidence on the carpet, i'd placed her as we talk on the puppy pad. certainly, it sucks living house breaking a puppy. yet i wish I helped a touch. Congrats on your new puppy even with the undeniable fact that! good success! EDIT- the reason I recomend puppy pads is because, I stay in an house the position i am going to't get outdoors and enable her flow for all time, 2d even as i flow to artwork and that i leave her contained in the kitchen, she desires to flow to the lavatory someplace. certainly, in view that she has been living house damaged I have not started to have her have any injuries or the different undesirable habit come from her utilising the puppy pad.

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    Have you tried putting the crate in your room? On the whole, puppies don't really care where they sleep so long as they can see or smell their family. If the dog is away from you, he's crying and barking because he's lonely, not because he's in a crate.

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    I started my puppy off in a box, and it slept beside my bed. When he'd cry I'd put my arm inside the box and comfort him. Sometimes I'd even have to leave my hand in the box a long time, but now he sleeps fine in the crate!

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    Persevere- My dog took nearly a week to be ok. Some say that a little clock helps, because the sound kind of resembles a beating heart. But that's my only tip. I think you are doing the right thing- he'll be more self confident in the long run, because he'll know that he can be on his own and be ok.

    Good Luck- and enjoy your new pup :)

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    Dogs are social animals. You have just ripped him away for his mother and his sibling. He needs and wants to be near others. He'll never like the cage. Start controlling the times when he sleeps as best you can. Don't let him nap after dinner until its bed time. By then he'll be tired and less apt to roam around.

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    tough love. leave him in there at night and do not go try to comfort him. in time he will get used to it. many dogs end up using their crate as their "get away from it all" place, their den.

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    he will be happy to be there with the passage of time. they attitude just like humans as we may take some time to settle at new place, like this they take time to familiar to the place.

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