How can i make chips????

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  • 1 decade ago
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    simple, take potatoes, peel off, cut into slices, deep fry in oil and add salt and chilli powder.

  • 1 decade ago

    Please ignore if you meant microchips!! This is not the McDonald variety of chips either. More like Lays in look and feel, but much richer in taste.

    Buy 3-4 largish potatoes, and boil them to a degree that they are not too soft. Peel and then slice them. These slices will stick together badly, so you need to separate each one as soon as you slice them and spread them on a sheet of thin cotton cloth (a clean old bedsheet does fine) Leave them to dry in hot sun (wonder if you have that in your part of the world) - After these have dried, they will come off the sheet easily. Then you can fry them, and add salt, vinegar, pepper to taste.

    This is a very old method, and involves a bit of hardwork, but the result is mmmm.. better than any brands available. And one more thing, if you are figure or calorie or cholestrol conscious, then this is not for you.

    Happy munching...

  • 1 decade ago

    If you talking crunchy chips then you buy corn tortillas cut like a triangle and and deep fry them in vegetable oil. Or you can buy poatoes and and peel them and cut them thinly and fry them the same way and season them after you fry them up while the oil is still on them.

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