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What is madana modaka?

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    Madana Modaka is a legitimate medicinal preparation in Ayurvedic practice and is sold by the Ayurvedic Corporation and other reputable Ayurvedic practitioners, while its preparation method is clearly stated in the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of Sri Lanka - its ingredients being cannabis leaves and seeds fried in ghee, among other local herbs such as thipal, kottan, corriander, asamodagam and namal renu. Madana Modaka is usually recommended as a sexual stimulant and for flatulence and loss of appetite, among other things.

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    It's an Ayurvedic aphrodisiac (sexual stimulant). It comes in the form of a paste which is edible. It's widely available in any Sinhala Beheth Kada.

    Have tried it for fun - but didn't do anything remarkable apart from making me dizzy!!

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    its a ******* disturbance guys dont ever even try it its very dangerous and will make your sperms unhealthy resulting no babies my friends suffer the result of unhealthy sperms due to madana modaka

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