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I have chronic nausea, any ideas why?

I have been nauseated for about 3 months. In the last 2 I've lost 22 lbs. I always feel kinda icky, but I really get nauseated after I eat. Sometimes I get so bad I have to throw up. Sometimes the throwing up gets so bad I have to go to the hospital. I have been to my doctor, he has done TONS of blood work, can't figure out why. I am not pregnant, I don't have aids, hepatitis, organ damage, an auto immune disease, diabetes and everything else they tested for. It is not related to any medication I take, we've stopped and started everything. We thought it was related to diabetes because its worse after I eat anything or drink something sugary. Every so often after throwing up for hours, my blood sugar will be 120 at most. But most of the time, its under 100. And I've done the glucose tolerance test a bunch of times all negative. If you have any ideas, please let me know. I'd like to be able to eat again and stop losing so much weight... Thanks!


I saw my doctor today and discussed a lot of these things with him. He started me on Protonix. No luck, yet but I think it's one of those ones that takes a few days to work? I do not drink wine (or anything else alcoholic) as I am a recovering alcoholic. We did look into psych reasons causing it, but they are pretty sure it's not that. It only seems to be tied in with food. The drainage thing, I am going to look into that, too. I have nasty allergies and I have snot everywhere. If this protonix doesn't help at all he is going to prescribe a glucose meter and have me check it when i feel weird and when I feel fine to see if there are any patterns... Thanks for the answers so far!

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    I work at an Ear, nose and throat office and have you ever considered the nausea is coming from drainage from your nose. When you eat, the palate(soft part on the roof of your mouth in the back) will move and the mucous that sits there will go down your thoat and it can make you sick. We have people that will throw up all morning from drainage. Try taking musinex to help dry it up. Or something with guaifenesin in it.

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    Thyroid? I knew a girl who had the same problem. I also knew somebody who had a bad case of acid reflux which caused her to throw up a lot. But either way, I think you should find another doctor. Your blood sugar goes over 100 and that is borderline diabetes. I had to take glucotrose because mine was just over 100. I changed my diet, exercised more, and got it under control.

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    I have a friend who cured her chronic upset stomach and nausea by taking 2 oz of monavie juice twice a day. I am a pharmacist and I have never seen a recovery like this in this kind of condtion.

    Check for a distributor in your area if you want to try it. It may or may not help, but I think it would be worth a try.

    Source(s): See also: Prescription for Natural Cures - Balch & Stengler for other ideas and possible remedies. Good luck!
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    Could it be due to acid reflux ? A thought worth considering. Eat little and often and if you drink wine or the like stop now.

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    you're gonna come right here and ask a medical question that has baffled the docs?? i might circulate get yet another opinion. I genuinely would not come right here to ask medical questions that are baffling each and all the docs that have seen you in guy or woman once you maximum probable won't get an answer from a expert, for one reason being that they have not seen you in guy or woman. shelter your self. If it is properly worth "curing", circulate see yet another M.D.. God Bless you.

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    do you feel nauceas when you go to an specific place? EXAMPLE: you feel nauceas always when you go to your room or when you go to the lobby?

    Consider something psichological, because you may have one idea you are rejecting, some issue or situation, or something you conscient or subconscient are thinking about.

    You are sane, but consider what's on your mind. I learned it with my last teacher of psicho-therapy. :)

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