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if you hear about a pension in a small village of Romania, would you be tempted to visit it?

mountainview, fishing, playing ping-pong, fresh air, pool,

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    Yeah! go for it, mabye adding it to a more extended itenirary throughout the country.

    I love backpacking around europe, especially in the easterrn countries there's so much culture and tradition preserved in the small towns, id say try it out itll be an adventure!

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    I wouldnt, i would need a recommendation from somebody who has been there. There are so many pensions in Romania, and most of them are not more than houses. Any area you go to you can find a pension. Some are clean, some arent, some are dodgy, some arent, but you would have to be more convincing to get me there. I have been to many in Romania and can recommend a few, but the rest would be like an american Motel 6, nuthin butt a bed, good cheap place to rest your head, dont expect more or you will be disappointed. Hate to be harsh but....

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    I would think that it would be a good idea, in fact I might just want to buy it, if it was up for sale.

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    a pension? not quite sure what you mean here

    but sounds good to me

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