how can i approach a lady without being so nervous?

i have a problem when it comes to building confidence in relationships...i mean i am very attractive(from what i am told) but it seems like nothing works and i always get stuck after i say "hello" or something. it has become a real problem, especially when i go out w/ friends and we hang out w/ ladies, i dont know what to do/say. how can i get rid of shyness and be more social?

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    You are not alone buddy! Try talking to less attractive girls at first. This will increase your confidence level. Don't show that you are in search for girls or desperate. If you finally decide to walk and talk to her hide your nervousness as hard as you can. Say hi can I buy you (what ever she is drinking). Don't lie about anything and be yourself. Be funny and take her out of her zone. (away fro her group of friends for a while). Ask her if she plays pool. If she says yes challenge her don't ask her to play, just tell her...really!! I bet I can kick your ***. Just like that. Woman love challenges. Good luck!

  • Envision someone you really look up to, whether it be in real life, or a TV character, etc. Ask yourself how he would handle the situation. Pretend to play his confidence level (while still being yourself).

    Eventually, it will become natural for you.

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    just act like u r fat and then the girls will throw pudding at u and call u flimsy, then sleep with them. Works every time

    but growing a dick works to

  • 1 decade ago

    You might want to try growing a dick

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