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can i run 64 bit processor on windows xp?

is windows xp 32 bit r 64 bit??

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    32, last i heard, not 64 compatable

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    What processor are you talking about?

    If you're referring to the Athlon 64, Athlon X2, Pentium D, or Core 2 Duo, then you'll be fine. All these are 32-bit processors that are capable of running in 64-bit mode. They can go either way.

    There are two versions of XP. One is 32-bit and the other is 64-bit. I believe the 64-bit version is called Windows XP x64. Although it's nice to have, you must realize that drivers are not as plentiful under the 64-bit version, so you will need to check to see that your hardware is up-to-date and compatible.

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    Yes. It will run faster. Windows XP run in 32 bit.

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