I want to sell my product using affiliates. Which is the best compnay to use. The product is quite niche.?

The product can viewed at www.rootedinireland.com

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I took a look at your site. It seems like a decent gift idea. Your product market niche would most likely be traditional families that are really into preserving their heritage.

    You'd most likely want to target organizations that are geared toward the environment, Irish Special Interest Groups, and people who are into trees.

    I know that a tree-planting event happened in the Philippines a week or so ago where they beat the record in Indian for tree-planting.

    In terms of affiliates that would support this product, I don't know if this would be the best place to seek individuals, especially in the Internet Section. Maybe in the Business Section you may find entrepreneurs or people with connections.

    You may want to try companies that sell fertilizer or any products that revolve around caring for trees such as pruners or gardening tool manufacturers. Even if they aren't able to sponsor you, maybe they'll know of special interest groups.

    One thing you might consider is doing research on companies that are here in the United States that also have roots to Ireland. If you can find a company in Ireland that has set up here in the United States, they may be interested in taking you on.

    The certificate that you mail to people for your product here in the United States will be very important because there are so many scams and people want proof that the money they're sending really does go toward planting a tree.

    It may seem like a small detail, but purchasing trees in another country that most people may never even see is a difficult thing to sell. Most people would rather spend $333.00 on electronic equipment such as an iPod or something they can ready use and enjoy.

    You'll have stiff competition competing against those markets since everything is all tech. Once again, this comes back to why your target market niche will be families that have a respect for heritage, have a respect for the Planet Earth, and place value on something such as this.

    You do have a point on your web site about how it would be a great gift idea for a newborn baby. There are parents that would go for something like that. However, finding a way to tap into that market may be a challenge.

    There was an incident in Los Angeles where they were cutting down some trees and Celebrities such as Daryl Hannah and Danny Glover came to protest the cutting down of such trees. If you can find Celebrities to support your product.

    You could try Boy Scouts of America to see if any of them would support your product. However, I don't know how much they allow in the way of marketing and promotions through that organization.

    If you're attempting to target the United States, I still think you're going to need something more to gain the attention of people to make it worth while for affiliates to push this product through. Everyone here is so tech-oriented, that I believe you'd need some aggressive marketing campaign to get people to see the long-term benefits of planting a tree in their name in a foreign country.

    One of the problems of living in the United States and a world that revolves around High-Speed Internet, fast cars, and instant gratification. Trees take time to plant roots and become strong enough to weather through the elements.

    Your marketing approach much like a newly planted tree will have to weather the elements of today's market place in the same way.

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