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how do yoou get rid of warts without going to the docters and getting them frozen off?

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    welding torch and a hot fire poker. works, but it leaves a nasty scar. not recomended for genetal warts.

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    Warts can be treated in various ways. These include:

    Over-the-counter medications contain acids that are applied to the wart. The acids are peeling agents that remove the dead skin cells of the wart and cause the wart to eventually fall off. Over-the-counter treatments shouldn't be used on the face or genitals without consulting a doctor first as some of them may cause damage to the skin.

    Cryosurgery (pronounced: kry-o-sur-juh-ree) is where a doctor freezes the wart with liquid nitrogen. This treatment is usually done in the doctor's office.

    Laser surgery may be used for warts that are hard to remove.

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    Duct tape can help. Also, I've never used freeze off, but I have used Compound W gel. I used that and then covered it with duct tape, and my warts all went away. I would definitely stop cutting them off - if you want to do anything, use a file and clean it well afterwards (warts can spread if you do try to remove one the wrong way).

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    Try putting a piece of duct tape over it for a week or so. It sounds strange but it actually works.

    You can also buy over the counter treatment for warts that allows you to freeze them off at home now.

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    When I was a kid and got warts, I was told to go into the kitchen and get my mothers dishcloth and hide it.I cant remember if it worked or not.If that doesnt work go into the woods and find some jack in the pulpet it's a natural herb it will work!

  • The best way I found is a home made mixture of freshly squeezed lemon and vinegar. leave some pulp from the lemon in the mixture and wash it 3 X a day with it. Of all the over the counter & Western medicine this has worked best for me and many other people I know Good Luck! :o)

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  • buy a wart remover product called freeze off but its expensive.

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    there's over the counter meds try them first ..if they don't work on your type of wart then you'll have to go to the doctor..

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    Try using one of several over-the-counter medications such as Compound W

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