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aside from San Miguel Beer, what is the best beer in the world?

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    hi, for me the best beer is "BREM BALI" you know?? it's from bali island the taste is very good, but the alcohol level are low just 5%, if had a vacation in bali island in indonesia, try and buy some. sorry if my post very mess up, becos i can english little

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    Kingfisher from India, Tiger from I think South Asia, Stella Artois from France, Guiness from Ireland (Dark beer) ... my favourites.

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    Cascade Premium Light.

    I'ts a beer from Australia, it has a kinda savoury flavour wich i find goes really well with food whether it's seafood, steak, pizza, pasta, etc. check it out!!!

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    Shiner Bock, from Shiner, Texas

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    it is brewed in the chech republic, there is a reason why they drink more beer per capita than any other country. the reason is bc it is freekin awesome.

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    Yuengling Black & Tan

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    chinese beer,

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