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What are these international force going to do in southern lebanon?What is their mission?

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    Under UNSC Resolution 1701 up to 15,000 UNFIL troops and up to 15,000 Lebanese soldiers are to be deployed and enforce an arms embargo on Hezbollah. Currently, 2,500 U.N. observers are monitoring the Israel-Lebanon border, but have a very limited mandate.

    The force dubbed by Kofi Annan UNIFIL-2 has no operational plan to enforce the UN arms embargo which would entail stemming the heavy flow of Iranian arms shipments entering Lebanon day by day along two Syrian tracks. Long, heavily laden convoys are heading from the Syrian ports of Latakia and Tartus to the Lebanese Beqaa Valley, bringing Hizballah its first heavy missiles - the Russian-made Scud-B adapted by Iran as Shahab-1, which has a one-ton warhead and range of 350 km. A second track brings 3-5 Iranian air cargoes every day to Syrian air bases near the Lebanese border

    Israel has said it would not lift its blockade unless international forces, along with Lebanese troops, are deployed on the Israel-Lebanon border, as well as on Lebanon's frontier with Syria to prevent the flow of weapons to Hezbollah.

    Syria has said it would consider the presence of international troops on its border a hostile act and Lebanon has said it would deploy its own forces there, but not let international troops patrol in the area. Annan has backed Lebanon in the dispute and called on "all the neighbors" to cooperate in implementing the cease-fire deal.

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    Too get Hesbollah under control so Israel doesn't need to stay in Lebanon to defend itself.

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    Probably, look the other way while Hezbollah rearms.

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    To keep the peace.

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