Do you think the Anti-Christ has been born?

Since he's going to be of the tribe of Dan, any suggestion as to who it might be?

And please not any crappy s--t about the pope.


tribe of Dan comes from the bible hun.

Update 2:

This is actually a serious question so I'd like at least some serious answers.

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    You won't know until the Anti-Christ starts his/her way up into having power. Most likely the person will be thought of as the answer to everyone's prayers and seen as the least likely person to be the White Horseman. But boy that'll change after their in full power.

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    Anti-Christ is not from the Tribe of Dan. Anti-Christ means 'instead of Christ', and will be a satan coming down and using supernatural powers to fool the world into believing he is the messiah.

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    I know who it is! It's dontakeverything soliteralitsjustastory , from the tribe of thinkforyourselfandst oplookingforeasyanswers inorganizedreligion

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    I am sorry so many make fun with these questions. I think the anti-christ probably has been born due to all that is going on in the world.

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  • Sam X9
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    1 decade ago

    Anti-Christ are all over the world (ie. Leaders or heads of state of countries). One will rise after the other, until they succeed. You will see in the coming years.

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    Yes, many years ago.

    You might be surprise to know that the termed Anti-Christ is not an individual, it is a religious socio economic and political entity that manipulate laws and time through ordinances. Anything that is against "The Christ" is called anti-christ. Its main purpose is to create world religion that is against the Law's and principle's of God.

    Although it is manned by a certain powerful individual, its aim is to crush the Jews and Christianity through various deceptions such as: Religious organization, unbiblical doctrinal teaching -such as in "Unity in diversity" and other things that misguide the saints.

    WHO IS THE ANTI-CHRIST? (the Leader of the group)

    He will be a man of action in the European Community. We know that a revived Roman empire will arise, led by 10 leaders or kings. The antichrist will not be one of the original 10 leaders, but will arise and overthrow 3 of the 10 leaders or nations. In doing so, he will gain ascendancy in the European Community or revived Roman Empire. We learned that he will have economic control, and control of the law and court systems.

    Right after the antichrist performs the abomination of desolation in the middle of the end-times 7-year period, he finds himself embroiled in world war 3. Egypt will lead a coalition of Arab nations in attacking Israel and starting WW3, with the guarantee that a Russian-led coalition of nations will join the war to crush Israel. The anti-Christ will lead the opposing forces on the side of Israel, culminating in the crushing defeat of Egypt, the Arab nations, and Russia and her allies. It is the victory in battle, which allows the antichrist to seize the day and implement economic control over the entire world, to relieve a world weary of all-out war. The war will have sown the seeds for cruel dictatorship, augmented by technological control of the masses.

    Where does the antichrist get his power, and why does God allow this to happen? In a real sense an antichrist can arise because people are in rebellion against God. Rejecting the truth, they construct their own false utopian ideals and build civil philosophical systems, which ultimately lead to misery and enslavement. Government that grows large is rapacious in its appetite for more power, the result of trusting man's own wisdom rather than the wisdom of God. So, God allows the self-destruction brought on by this rebellion as an object lesson for all creation. He allows sin and rebellion to reap the ultimate harvest of evil, separation from the wisdom and love of God. He allows the antichrist authority to act to further delve the depths of depravity in a short time. We see this clearly in the prophetic texts.

    WHAT HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE! (as a leader)

    1. The antichrist is called the beast in some texts,

    2. The man of sin,

    3. The little horn,

    4. The son of perdition,

    5. The king of Babylon, and the antichrist.

    6. He is a man who will be given authority to act in the earth for 1260 days or 42 months or 3.5 years.

    7. His initial confirming revealing takes place at the soon to be built Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, in the exact middle of the end-times 7 year period,

    8. When he sits down in the most holy place of the Temple and falsely declares to the entire world that he is God.

    9. We know he will deceive the whole world with great charisma, charm, and deceiving miracles, and will demand worship.

    10. He heads the coalition of nations, which defeats the northern armies, which invade Israel right after the abomination of desolation in the Temple,

    11. He will establish a short reign of unprecedented economic power over the entire world. At the end of his allotted time of authority, he will be crushed by the power of Messiah and the angels, and thrown into the lake of fire forever and ever.

    Additional Information:

    Which religion is against Christianity?

    Against the Jesus?

    Source(s): personal views and opinion
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Neither do I care nor am I afraid of any Anti-Christ.

    My personal and rare spiritual principles have moulded me into a person who is not afraid of DARKNESS.

    Those who sin alone will be diverted to the idea of hell. Those who live a straight, pure and wise life are just...........very peaceful.

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    Tribe of Dan... okay, where did that come from?

  • 1 decade ago


    Where'd you pick up that "Tribe of Dan" BS though? I'm from a Tribe called Quest....

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