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Why is it hard for Filipinos to get a visa for the US?

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    its not supposed to be that hard as long as your comming for the right reason. meaning if you come as tourists prove that your just want to visit and will go back, do that by showing you have strong ties to your country as in family friends business, jobs, children or other dependants. work history schooling all sorts of proof. also if you want to get married to someone you've met just show proof of relationship thats what me and my fiancee are doing. we have much proof and its not going to be very hard. time consuming yes but not very hard. good luck to you all.

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    Probably because of history and from past experiences. A lot of Filipinos get some kind of a temporary visa and dont go back to the Philippines and stay in the US illegally.

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    It's not hard for me to get a visa. God willing.

    Not only Filipinos but other nationalities too.

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    Because Filipinos are notorious for overstaying their tourist visas and become illegals, thus an additional burden to the state. Although not all are guilty of this, but I betcha there are thousands who are illegally staying in the US.

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    it is hard for filipinos to get a tourist visa because of past experiences with the gov't that most of them are not planning to return.

    but getting a business, work, and transfer visa is not that hard as long as the company who sponsored have a good reputation with the embassy.

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    Although I am in EU right now, its not easy to get US visa simply because they (the US) have back logged on migrants and of course it also affects their economy, labor force etc. It also depends on the type of visa: fiance or spousal visa- is a little easier compared to working visa or immigrants visa. I am not aware how long it will take for student's visa.

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    Is it because of the terrorism they have there, and just being cautious about who they give a visa to since the 9/11? I think if you ask, maybe they will tell you, cannot think of anything else.

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    americans discriminate against filipinos

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    it is the double standard of the us government imoposing on the philippines law, our kababayans can get dpeorted by overstaying but those americans can still here any time without nay legal actions against them,

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    Remember you heard it from here first.

    "Sorry you've been denied. Thank you for your 100.00 US Dollars.....NEXT!".

    Do you now get the PIC? America is a Capitalistic Country. Its about getting your "MONEY"!

    Think?...will you try to reapply? That will cost 100.00 more Dollars "American Phil. peso..and paid 3 months in the Bank OF America! Do you get the pic yet?

    "Sorry you've been denied, but thank you for your 100.00 Dollars,,,,,,,,,"NEXT" Do you want to try for the third time?..OK that will be "100.00 US DOLLARS"

    Do you get it now?

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