Why does Mathematics is important as a nursing student?

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    1 decade ago
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    Because you need to know the difference between 2 pills and 14 pills, or else you might kill someone.

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    Basic maths is important.

    Your classic maths situation will be:

    You have a pediatric patient (a child) weighing 20kg

    He requires acetaminophen at 15mg per kg as ordered by the doctor (or the standing order in your hospital)

    Your bottle of acetaminophen contains 120mg per 5mL.

    How much are you going to pour out into the medicine cup for this child?


    You will need to be able to do simple arithmetic - division and multiplication particularly (but also the addition and subtraction stuff). Quickly and accurately.

    You will need to be able to convert from one set of units to another. Milligrams to grams, micrograms to milligrams ... whatever

    Then you will need to be able to do drug dose calculations.

    This is a bare minimum.

    There is no necessity to understand higher mathematics. However, a knowledge of statistics will be helpful.

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    Consider this: The computer is down and no one has a calculator at hand; there is an emergency and you have to adjust a medication by calculation according to a patient weight. Without good math background you may make a mistake.

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    One of the primary reasons must be drug dispersal. Getting dosages wrong is fatal.

    Being fluent in English is important too. Why does you thinking you is anywhere near up to the job?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    bcoz some times they have to do some calculations.... mathematics is important to any subject.

  • blood presure vitals ect...math = everything

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