What is del.icio.us?

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    del.icio.us (http://del.icio.us/) is a social bookmarking website. In essence, you can do 3 things with it:

    1. keep track of your own bookmarks by posting them to your online account

    2. Share your bookmarks with other people such as family/friends

    3. Discover new web pages from other people's bookmarks

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    Del.icio.us is a social bookmarking, social software web service for storing and sharing web bookmarks. The site came online in late 2003 and was developed by Joshua Schachter, co-maintainer of Memepool. According to del.icio.us/doc/about: Everything posted to del.icio.us is publicly viewable; it is not a tool for storing private bookmark collections. Many people use del.icio.us to publish "linkblogs" on their weblogs.

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    Source(s): en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Del.icio.us
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