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Why is popcorn sold at them movies? Isn't kind of a noisy snack?

I hate hearing crunch crunch crunch in my ears when I am trying to watch (and listen to) a movie. Aren't other treats quieter?

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    Okay, so I saw this thing on discovery or history channel or something like that. It started off as just being an at-home snack. When the movies stopped making money, they needed a gimmick to get people back in, so they decided since popcorn was so big, they would sell that at a concession stand in the entrance. In the first year, they made more money on popcorn than they did the ticket sales. That's why popcorn is sold at the movies now.

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    I think popcorn was originally sold in other shows like the circus and just carried over to the movies. They were silent at first so the crunch really did not matter

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    Look at it from sales point of view. It is cheap for the theaters of buy and make. It puts out a strong Delicious smell. It is easy to clean up. And people will buy it for a ridiculous amount of money and also a drink to wash it down with for a lot of $$$. The movie theaters don't make a lot of money on the movies. It is the concession stand that brings in the money!

    Source(s): Kid next door is movie usher and manager
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    1. Don't buy popcorn when you go to the movies.

    2. The kernels could potentially give you gum problems.

    3. Eat before going to the movies — something you enjoy, so you won't become hungry at the movie house.

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    its tradition to eat popcorn while watchin movie. besides, popcorn makes u thirsty, then u have to buy a drink which makes the cinema gain more profit not just from the movies, but from the popcorn and drinks. thats y they charge u so much for combo meals etc.

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    Well it is not as loud as when someones cell phone rings and they answer and talk on the phone during the movie. Any type of candy I assume is quieter.

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    yeh,your totally right, but these days, a movie just isn't a movie without popcorn...

    I guess it is better than someone sitting behind you with a crackle bar (You know the ones that when they hit your tongue they make crackling noises)

    Thumbs up and a bowl of popcorn for you... =)

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    Only in your own head. Not like chips, when everyone else not only hears you munching, but also rustling the bag!

    OK, Good night All, I am outta here!

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    popcorn is easy and cheap to make.

    they dont give a sh** about the noise, u already paid.

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